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Jessy Salvador defends half sister Maja Salvador

Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino also defend Maja Salvador from bashers

Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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06/20/2015 03:32 PM
Jessy Salvador defends half sister Maja Salvador
062015-jessy_main.jpgIn an exclusive interview with Aquino and Abunda Tonight on last Tuesday, June 16, Maja Salvador’s half sister Jessy Salvador cleared up some accusations that are being directed at her ate Maja.

Contrary to bashers’ opinion that Maja is ashamed of having half-siblings, Jessy said, “okay na okay po kami. Walang tampo.” She said Maja is busy taping for the teleserye Bridges of Love but that sometimes they visit her on set. Jessy added that her Ate Maja is also “sobrang lambing at hindi niya kami kinakahiya kapag nasa public.

Maja, observed Jessy, is also very generous to them. She gives them “mga damit, mga sapatos.” Maja, apparently, also gives them financial support “monthly.”

The Queen of All Media Kris Aquino also said, “Awat na kayo, stop bashing Maj.” Kris wondered what the bashers are harping about if Jessy herself admitted, “Hindi kami kinakahiya, generous siya (Maja).” Besides, Kris added, “At sinasabi sa amin (ni Maja) na they've even danced together on ASAP.” 

Kris reiterated on Maja’s behalf, “We’ve known Maja for 12 years. We know how generous, kind, loving and accepting she is of everybody, both sides--Mom’s side, Dad’s side.”

King of Talk Boy Abunda also shared he has known Maja since she was 14 years old when he interviewed her for The Buzz. That time, he continued, “Maja hadn’t met her dad, the late Ross Rival yet, and from then, she had to build a relationship with her siblings sa Father’s side. Kaya napakadakila ng desisyon ni Maja na suportahan ang siblings niya sa Father’s side.” 

Boy added, “Kung may expressed permission from Maja na gamitin siya para sumikat ang kanyang kapatid okay sa akin.