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Liza Soberano on Enrique Gil: ‘May mutual understanding kami’

Liza Soberano says Enrique Gil will be a ‘priority’ on her list of suitors once she turns 18.

Liza Soberano on Enrique Gil: ‘May mutual understanding kami’-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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06/03/2015 06:45 AM
Liza Soberano on Enrique Gil: ‘May mutual understanding kami’
060215-liza_main.jpgFans rooting for breakout love team LizQuen to be a real-life couple may have a chance to get their wish granted as Liza Soberano revealed that she has a “mutual understanding” with Enrique Gil.

Fresh from the top-rating success of their soap Forevermore, Liza and Enrique during the press conference of their first movie together titled Just The Way You Are, were quizzed as to the real score between them.

Many presumed that their lovable onscreen chemistry supposedly stems from the fact that they are now officially a couple, a speculation which they both denied.

“Nagpaparamdam na parang ganon but wala pa talaga ‘yung nag-de-date na parang ganon. Parang it’s monitored pa rin,” she said.

However, Enrique admitted that he had fallen for Liza while filming the soap. In fact, he went as far as admitting to the press that he has already said, “I love you” to Liza.

Unfortunately though, Liza has yet to say, “I love you too” as she revealed that she only thanked Enrique for admitting his feelings for her.

But the 17-year-old didn’t deny that she got “kilig” with what Enrique confessed.

“Nakakakilig po. Pero ano po talaga, time muna. We need time para to grow in this industry and for our friendship to grow even deeper,” she said.

According to Liza, her decision to put love life in the backseat was because “There are a lot of people counting on me and I don’t want to let them down.”
So far though she revealed that she and Enrique have arrived at a “deal” of sorts.

“May usapan kami na when I’m 18 siguro pwede ng magpaligaw,” she said. 
But more than the age and the time, Liza singled out that the problem really is: “I think it’s more of when I’m ready talaga to be in one relationship.”

060215-liza_main.jpgWhen will she be ready?

“Only time can tell because I’m still a kid and I still think that there are many things that I need to go through in life before I go into a relationship. I need to be 100% ready,” she said.

Aside from that, Liza elaborated, "I have a lot of priorities right now that I need to take care of and it’ll be hard to manage my time when I’m doing a movie, I’m doing a show, I have to take care of my family pa and I’ve a relationship pa. I don’t think I’d be mentally ready for that. You know in relationships, it’s not only about happy times there are also ups and  downs sa relationship and I don’t know if I’ll be mentally ready for that yet.”

Although she remains firm that she’s yet to be ready to be in a relationship, Liza claimed that should she turn 18 next year, Enrique would be the number one suitor on her list.

Liza had been quite vocal about her admiration for the Cebuano actor. Now, Liza confessed that her admiration for Enrique has gone deeper.

“Opo. Actually may mutual understanding kami. Before kasi crush kasi cute siya and all but now there’s depth to it kasi I really know him. I know stuff about him that he said other people don’t know. There’s an understanding between us that only we can understand parang ganon,” she revealed.

According to Liza, the fact that they spent a lot of time together while shooting their soap helped in deepening her emotions for Enrique.

“Malaking factor po. Nadadala talaga,” she ended.

Catch Liza and Enrique’s first movie together Just The Way You Are directed by Theodore Boborol in cinemas nationwide starting June 17.