Kris Aquino addresses rumors about who she’s dating

The Queen of All Media reiterates she's happy being single.

Kris Aquino addresses rumors about who she’s dating-Joan Leary
Joan Leary


06/16/2015 08:04 PM
Kris Aquino addresses rumors about who she’s dating
061615-kris_main.jpgKris Aquino once and for all answered all the intriguing blind items about who she’s dating. Last night on her official Instagram account, she posted a quote along with a long caption saying, “I was shown links & screen grabs of several gossip items linking me to several people, 1 of them is very much in love w/ his girlfriend & categorically I say that "news item" is a freaking lie- it's embarrassing because the couple have been nice to Bimb & me.

 “Secondly nobody, in particular a politician has been passing by our home at midnight, or building a home near us, again that item is a baseless lie...”

She again reiterated that all the rumors circulating about her love life are not true.

 “I've been single since 2010, I'm no longer considering the very brief dating that happened last year as a relationship... So it's been 5 years,” she stressed.

“And I'm FINALLY super okay w/ where my life is, my heart isn't desperate to latch on to another because being on my own is comfortable... I am not claiming to be happy, but comfy is a good place to be... And sincerely, w/ everything I've experienced regarding relationships- super QUOTA na, kaya AWAT na... Good Night (for real!) ??????????.”