Lea Salonga admits she wants to sing at Sarah Geronimo's wedding

Lea Salonga admits she wants to sing at Sarah Geronimo's wedding-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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06/14/2015 06:59 PM
Lea Salonga admits she wants to sing at Sarah Geronimo's wedding
main_lea.jpgWith the start of the latest season of The Voice Kids, Lea Salonga said fans of show can expect more lively banter between her and fellow judges Bamboo and Sarah Geronimo. “We know that it's part and parcel of it. Kasama naman yun eh. It's like WWE, like world wrestling entertainment (laughs). It's entertainment and we know going in. We are encouraged to banter with one another. We are encouraged to playfully diss one another. And it makes the show what it is. If you see any version of The Voice anywhere in the world you will see coaches bantering with one another and it's something that is encouraged. We are pushed to do it. However palaban I am it's also part of my job,” she explained.

When asked if The Voice fans will find her even more fierce and outspoken this season, Lea said it's more of being more vocal for the sake of her new team members. “I don't know if it's a case of mas fierce, I think it's always fierce. I always open my mouth. Truth be told all of us are encouraged to be palaban. We're told by the powers that be that the kids want to see you fight for them because nakakataas naman talaga ng confidence pag nakikita mo yung tatlong artista na hinahangaan mo kunyari fighting for you. That sways decisions eh. Kasi if they fight for you here, they will fight for you all throughout the season and we don't just do it for show. It's for the benefit of the person who is standing there in front of us. Pag nakikita nila na ipinaglalaban namin sila, mas na-e-enganyo sila throughout the rest of the season,” she said.

After being on three seasons of The Voice, Lea said she can't believe Sarah admits to still being intimidated by her. “This is the fourth season we are doing this and we've had two seasons of adults and one season of kids. She really has no reason to be intimidated because her asset, one she's really mabait when she coaches and kids really respond to her. A lot of kids who like yung ganung personality, that kind of coaching style. They really will gravitate towards her. And then we also noticed a lot of the 13-year-olds boys go to her and there was one kid who just looked at her and told her to her face that she was beautiful. And I'm like, 'Oh my God!' (laughs) I was dying in the studio and I don't think I ever stopped teasing her about it. I was laughing so much over those four days because of that,” she shared.

main_lea.jpgIt's no secret that Lea has been very vocal about being part of Sarah's future wedding ever since the Popstar Princess admitted she wanted to tie the knot by 2020. “That's why I said, 'So does that mean in five years I'm going to get an invitation?' And then I don't know how sure she actually was. Basta a lot can happen in five years. From personal experience I know that so many things can happen in a year, in two years. So five years down the line she will be 32. That's the age I got married. So we'll see what happens. So many things happen. I'll sing for her wedding if she wants me to. If she doesn't want me to then that's absolutely fine,” she said.

Lea said she will let Sarah decide what she should sing should the right time come. “No song yet because there could be many songs written within the next few years which would be perfect for her. Wala (ako choice) eh. I'll be hired help at that point (laughs). When I got married, I knew what songs I wanted sang and I told the people singing at my wedding, and they were some of my best friends because I wanted friends to sing at my wedding so I would expect that she would do the same,” she added.

The 44-year-old singer who is set to return to Broadway later this year, admitted she does gives some words of wisdom to Sarah but not love advice. “It's hard eh. It's more like life advice than love advice because if you give somebody life advice that kind of goes for everything na, parang it will apply for everything else hindi lang sa love life. Her mother says about her… she's a really, really good girl who thinks nothing bad of anybody. Which is true. And in life, if there's anything anybody who has been through any life experience has learned, you have to think that there are people out there with the worst intentions in mind and that's part of growing up. There are people who are good and I'd like to have faith in people being good, but in the back of my mind I know not everyone is good and that there are people who's intentions towards you are anything but honorable,” she explained.