Indie band Up Dharma Down to release fourth album next year

Indie band Up Dharma Down to release fourth album next year

Indie band Up Dharma Down to release fourth album next year-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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06/14/2015 01:50 AM
Indie band Up Dharma Down to release fourth album next year
main_udd.jpgPopular independent band Up Dharma Down (UDD) marked another milestone in their already thriving career as the first Filipino band to be tapped by Singapore’s Tourism Board for a collaboration.

During the launch of the group’s latest single and music video “All The Good Things” which was inspired by their experience in Singapore’s bustling city and diverse cultures, Up Dharma Down revealed that the song will also be part of their upcoming album.

“After Singapore we realized ‘Let’s make more upbeat songs.’ Singapore is an evolving country. I think we’re an evolving band also because right now we’re exploring on synthesizers, drum machines. and we have to have a new sound or inspiration or influences and I think Singapore is a very diverse country,” shared lead guitarist Carlos Tanada.

Singapore Tourism Board’s Area Director for Philippines and Brunei Adrian Kong explained that they have chosen UDD because of their talent and imagination. 

To this Carlos said, “More of a perfect timing because it’s our time to write new songs rin because we’re coming up with a new album. Both areas needed something new to work together. They invited us to get inspired.”

Despite their latest milestone, vocalist Armi Millare refused to see it as a validation of their fame.

“I think we have to give it to the fans. They’ve been with us since day one and they’ve been growing rin. From high school to tito and tita. Since we write the songs on a very personal level I guess it’s starting to get to them rin,” she said.

Meanwhile, the group shared that they will be releasing their fourth studio album next year.

However, they maintained that the album would remain to be produced independently and not by any music label.

main_udd.jpg“I guess it’s a personal choice why we want to remain independent because it’s a two-sided coin. May pros and cons. But I guess mas masaya kami as independent because we get to control what we put out. No need to change that,” Armi explained.

Asked what the theme of their next album would be, bass guitar player Paul Yap said, “Different. We don’t know yet. It’s hard to say right now but it should be interesting. Definitely not like the old one.”

Where are they in the album-making process?

“Right now we’re still laying out the songs. Writing. It’s more of individual processes. Hindi pa kami talaga nagja-jam. First naghahanap kami ng studio. Naghanap pa kami ng studio where we can jam kasi nga indie kami. More of si Armi nagsusulat on her own. Ako nago-program ako ng beats. Si Carlos more of synthesizers. So hindi pa namin nauupuan,” Carlos shared. “We don’t want to say much.”

In the meantime, fans of the group can enjoy themselves by downloading their newest single or viewing “All The Good Things” music video for free at