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  • Tito Sotto blatantly told a viewer not to come out of the closet for his kids’ sake.

Tito Sotto and Jose Manalo slammed for ‘homophobic’ advice on national TV

Tito Sotto blatantly told a viewer not to come out of the closet for his kids’ sake.

Tito Sotto and Jose Manalo slammed for ‘homophobic’ advice on national TV-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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05/29/2015 08:29 AM
Tito Sotto and Jose Manalo slammed for ‘homophobic’ advice on national TV
052915-titojose_main.jpgTito Sotto and Jose Manalo, hosts of the noontime show Eat Bulaga, were put in hot water by a lesbian mother due to the recent advice that they gave to a gay father.

The incident happened on the May 22 episode of the show during their Problem Solving segment wherein a gay father using the alias Diamond asked for advice how he could spare his kids from being bullied because of his gender preference.

Manalo’s advice was: “Hindi mawawala yan. Hindi mawawala yan na darating sa mga bata yan … Ang solusyon, ikaw. Ikaw ang unang gagawa ng solusyon. Kaya mo bang—hindi naman binabago ang pagkatao mo; beki ka pa rin, yan ang gusto mo, nagkaanak ka—pero magagawa mo ba na hindi ka na mag-gaganyan ng hitsura? Pero beki ka pa rin.”

Sotto for his part added:  “Sa madaling salita, ibalik sa closet!

Seemingly convinced with the advice, Diamong then said, “Kaya ko po. Kakayanin ko po siyempre kahit mahirap po talaga. Kakayanin ko po para sa mga anak ko.”

Manalo, for his part, further told Diamond to be mindful of the fact that his sons might also end up being gay.

Baka sabihin ng mga anak mo ‘Bakit tatay ko lang ba (ang bading)? Bading din kami.’ Mas nakakatakot ’yun,” Manalo said.

In response to that, Diamond claimed that, should his children come out, he would still continue to love and support them just like what his father did.

Then Manalo quipped, “Bakit pa kasi nag-asawa ito.

The advice given by Sotto and Manalo has irked a certain Cha Roque, who claims to be a lesbian single mom. Roque made her displeasure over the advice known via an open letter to the hosts which is now circulating online.

052915-titojose_main.jpgShe wrote, “You made it appear like homosexuality is a disease and that he should keep it from his kids so as not to ‘infect’ them with it. I feel sad for the guy for trusting you with what he is going through only to be treated that way.”

Roque even called the advice “immature” and “uneducated” especially since, “Eat Bulaga is an institution, you have millions of followers spanning the whole Philippines.

“Needless to say, the personalities in your show are influential. You even have a Senator blatantly telling this guy to go back to the closet. Don't you have gay or lesbian colleagues or staff in your show? What if the participant was a lesbian mom? Would you ask her to go back to the closet as well? Would you say the same to Aiza Seguerra if he was in the situation?” she said.

She added, “You are not in the position to tell this guy ‘bumalik sa closet’ or ‘bakit kasi nag-asa-asawa’ or threaten to hurt him (jokingly). You are promoting a culture of hate. You are telling the world that corrective beating up is okay to make a gay guy become manly. You are telling the world that the only key to be accepted is to hide who you truly are.”

In the end, Roque took a swipe at the values being promoted by the show.

“Judging from all the things you said here, I say I better make my child stay away from your show. I feel more secure with my kid hanging out with my gay and lesbian friends. I am more secure that she will get valuable life lessons from them and not learn rubbish. This incident just proved once again how homosexuality is far more clean than Eat Bulaga and its hosts' opinions will ever be,” she ended.