Melissa Ricks shares her most important tips for young moms

Melissa Ricks shares her most important tips for young moms-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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05/27/2015 10:08 AM
Melissa Ricks shares her most important tips for young moms

Barely four months after giving birth early this year, Melissa Ricks has gone back to showbiz, this time as a working mom who balances life between acting and raising her adorable baby Kiera. The talented Kapamilya actress admitted raising a baby is hard but that it is not impossible to learn as long as you keep some important things in mind and do things to keep yourself centered as well.



1. Don't be too hard on yourself.
“Siguro take it easy kasi the first few months are the hardest. Ilang beses akong umiiyak talaga lalo na pag breastfeeding. Umiiyak ako kasi parang hindi ko na kaya, hindi ko na kaya talaga sa sobrang hirap.”


2. Create a support system
“You need people around you to support you. You need people helping you. Mahirap yung ikaw lang mag-isa especially like me na new mom. Ako bunso ng pamilya so wala talaga akong alam.”


3. Taking time off is important
“You really need your time off as well. Kahit manuod lang ako ng movie sandali. The longest I've been away [for] taping is one movie and then I go home or dinner and I go home. Uwi ako kagad. I feel bad din na iniiwan ko siya. Pero yung konting time na yun sobrang laking bagay din.”


4. Love your post-partum body
“I actually lost 30 pounds na from my baby weight pero I didn't do anything yet. Ngayon pa lang ako mag-sa-start na to work out. Napanuod ko nga sarili ko sa TV eh. Pero okay lang yan kasi I have a healthy baby, I have a really cute baby and I'm happy so okay lang sa akin yun.”