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What’s the real score? Angeline and Erik get grilled by Kris

Erik Santos reveals he has been courting Angeline for a year.

What’s the real score? Angeline and Erik get grilled by Kris-EJ Salut
EJ Salut


05/20/2015 11:59 PM
What’s the real score? Angeline and Erik get grilled by Kris
052015-erik_main.jpgIn today’s episode of Kris TV, May 20, Kris Aquino asked singers Angeline Quinto and Erik Santos about their recent tampuhan and how they reconciled. 

Angeline shared that she asked Erik, who had a show in Canada during that time, to text her before the plane takes off, which he usually does, as she also has a show in Marikina. However, when Angeline did not receive a text from him even after her show ended, she thought that Erik forgot about her. Nonetheless, she and Erik have patched things up after the latter brought her food and when they saw each other again at the Sunday variety show, ASAP.  

Meanwhile, Kris grilled the two about their true relationship status. Erik, who opted that they ask Angeline instead, answered based on his observation.  

Parang, hindi ko alam kung tama ah, pero parang oo na hindi.” Erik said. He added that their treatment towards each other seems to show that they are a couple.
Kris then shared what Erik told him after he sang at the funeral of Kris’ aunt. “Sabi niya, ‘Ate, nagsasawa na ako nang kakatanong eh’… Sabi niya sa’kin, nakakapagod na na tanong ng tanong tapos ang dami pa niyang walls,” the Kris TV host said, adding that Erik said he lost count of the times he has asked Angeline.

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052015-erik_main.jpgAngeline explained her side, “Ako naman kasi sinasabi ko naman kay Erik yun. Sabi ko sa kanya, ‘Bogs, alam mo naman kasi na marami na rin akong mga naging relationship before so ngayon, sabi ko sa kanya, gusto ko po kasi ako mismo sa sarili ko kung maging kami man po ni Erik na talaga, gusto ko ‘yun hindi na ako magtatampo, gusto ko sigurado na po talaga ako. Ganon po at sigurado na rin siya na ako talaga.” Erik suddenly interrupted her by saying, “Sigurado ako.

When asked how long Erik has been pursuing Angeline, he replied, “Mga siguro mga 1 year pa lang. Hindi kasi, mahirap pag ‘yun na pag nasanay kayo na ganon na lang, baka…” Nonetheless, Erik assured that he understands Angeline very well and that he supports her decisions. 

Later, Angeline was asked if she was just playing hard to get, to which she replied, “Hindi naman po… Sinasabi ko lang po at saka alam naman ni Erik kung ano yung totoo… Na totoo na hindi pa po ako ready nga na maging kami.”  

But what if Erik got tired of pursuing her? “E di ibig sabihin hindi niya talaga ako mahal kasi hindi niya ako nahintay,” she answered. 

What if someone else comes along for Erik, how will Angeline react? Angeline simply said that she will support Erik and explained to Kris, “Ate, kasi nga feeling ko napagod lang ako nang ako yung nagmamahal dun sa unang relationship ko po.”

But will she be willing to entertain other guys? Angeline said, “Hindi po. Hindi ko po entertainin.”

Later, Angeline admitted that she does not like talking about exes and that she is the jealous kind of girl after Erik’s ex-girlfriend, Rufa Mae Quinto was mentioned. 

But did something special brew between her and former leading man, Coco Martin “Anong masama?” was Angeline’s brief reply, saying that it’s all in the past. To clear if something special happened between them, Angeline replied, “Hindi naman po,” which was followed by, “Pwedeng change topic po?”  

Does Erik feel threatened over the fact that Angeline will get to work with Coco Martin again? Erik said that he knows this as a possibility, since he also has friends who worked on a project together and eventually fell for one another. “Baka mamaya syempre magkadevelopan which is very possible naman,” he told Kris. 

Meanwhile, Angeline clarified that all her past boyfriends were non-showbiz guys.