Maja, Kim and Sarah, share spotlight in ASAP 20

What do this girls have in common?

EJ Salut


05/18/2015 12:34 AM
Maja, Kim and Sarah, share spotlight in ASAP 20
051815-maja_main.jpgNo feelings of awkwardness for Maja Salvador, Kim Chiu and Sarah Geronimo as they took the ASAP 20 stage yesterday to do spiels for the show. 

The three girls, who were all romantically linked to Gerald Anderson, looked pretty at ease with each other while doing their spiels with Alex Gonzaga. Maja even joked that she, Kim and Alex should be 'shy' promoting their albums in front of certified pop star Sarah G. 

They introduced Charice, who sang "I'm Not The Only One" by Sam Smith for her birthday production number. 

Maja recently broke up with Gerald while Sarah is presently in a relationship with actor Matteo Guidicelli and Kim is being linked to her on screen partner Xian Lim.