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Jam Sebastian’s mother refuses to comment on rumors surrounding Mich Liggayu

Maricar Sebastian admits that she hasn’t spoken to Mich since Jam was laid to rest.



4/4/2015 8:01 AM
Jam Sebastian’s mother refuses to comment on rumors surrounding Mich Liggayu

Reports have it that Jam’s fiancée Mich Liggayu and his mother Maricar Sebastian are not on good terms following the rumors surrounding the former. There’s the issue that Mich is raring to enter showbiz and used Jam’s condition to gain more sympathy and attention. Then there are rumors that she’s dating budding singer Neo Domingo. Reports have it that Mich would watch Neo’s gigs in disguise when Jam was still alive.

In an interview on StarTalk, Maricar aired her side on Mich’s plan to become a celebrity.

“No comment ako dun. Wala akong ano dun hindi daw siya dapat pakialaman. Tapos na ‘yung kabanata nila ng anak ko,” she said.

Maricar likewise dodged the question about their supposed spat saying that, “Siya na lang nakakaalam nun. Alam niya kung ano ang mga ginawa niya.”

According to Maricar, she opted not to comment on the issues for she’s still grieving over her son’s passing.

Nasa ano pa ako, time na hindi pa talaga ako maka-move on. Kaya gusto ko munang respetuhin kasi kamamatay lang ng anak ko. Kaya in time na lang ako magsasalita,” she explained.

As if to answer her critics, Maricar quickly added, “Hindi ko naman siya pinapakialaman kung saan siya pumupunta at hindi ko siya tinatanong. Basta ang focus ko nasa anak ko, ‘yun lang.”

Lastly, Maricar also opted to keep mum on the Mich-Neo issue despite being rumored to be the reason why the two drifted apart in the first place.

040415-jamich_main.jpgMarami akong narinig, pero in time. Saka na lang ako magsasalita,” she repeated.

Hindi ko pa kaya makipag-usap,” she supplied curtly.

Was Mich being insensitive?

Aside from the rumors she was already dating someone else even before Jam died, a video featuring Mich recently surfaced and is drawing even more flak for the erstwhile YouTube star.

In the video, Mich can be seen singing Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved” with a girl identified as MJ Labenia and recording the performance on a phone. The video was shot in a hospital room where Jam was on life support.

Netizens remarked that it was insensitive of Mich and her friends to put on a performance while Jam lay dying. Since Maricar Sebastian could be heard on the video asking Mich to keep things quiet, people added that it was also disrespectful to the family of Jam.

However, another video of the scene shot from a different angle supposedly shows that Jam was aware of the jam session and could be seen moving his hand in time to the music. A post on the page of Trending News Portal from a David Rodney rose to Mich’s defense. The post said, “That video of Mich Singing at the Hospital was edited to cut out the reverse angle. The reason the woman in white (The Buzz) and the mother were asking the singing to be quieter is because they were conducting an interview. Here is a video with the TRUTH and you will see for yourself, At the end of the video you will see Jam moving to the music and Jam's friends and family dancing and singing badly(In Fun) at the end (sic).”

The second video showed some people performing songs and gathering messages meant to cheer up Jam. Their visit to Jam at the hospital supposedly led to an impromptu jam session, which included the one with Mich singing.

Even with second video, some netizens, however, were quick to point out that Mich was still being disrespectful since she was performing for the camera more than for Jam and that Jam’s mother did not approve of what was going on. 

Mich has yet to air her side of the story in the current controversy.

Main Photo credit to http://bandera.inquirer.net/