Baby Surprise: 10 unexpected showbiz pregnancies
Over the years, celebrities have shocked the public with their unplanned motherhood.

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4/15/2015 12:10 PM
Baby Surprise: 10 unexpected showbiz pregnancies

Showbizlandia has been abuzz lately with the confirmation of pregnancy rumors. Among those who revealed that they are already awaiting their bundle of joys were married couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera. However, one admission came as a shocker to many—that of actress Empress Schuck, who just a couple of months ago, claimed that she was single.

But this kind of surprise isn’t entirely new in showbiz as other young female celebs in the past have made headlines due to their unexpected pregnancies.

1. Melissa Ricks

It was in the middle of last year when the Filipina-American actress finally confirmed rumors that she was pregnant with her first child with non-showbiz boyfriend Charles Togezaki. The former Walang Hanggan actress eventually gave birth to her baby Kiera Kelly January of this year.

2. Andi Eigenmann

In a tearful interview back in 2011, veteran star Jaclyn Jose broke to the public that her daughter Andi was pregnant with her first child. From then on, the paternity of baby Adrianna Gabrielle or simply Baby Ellie has been the point of controversy. While Andi named her ex-boyfriend Albie Casino as her daughter’s father, the latter refused to acknowledge Baby Ellie as his even to this day.

3. Jennylyn Mercado

Despite rumors of distancing himself from Jennylyn when he learned about the pregnancy, it was her ex-boyfriend Patrick Garcia who broke the news to the public in 2008. While Jennylyn and Patrick haven’t really patched things up, the singer-actress was able to mend ties with the Kapamilya actor’s wife Nikka Martinez. The two ladies’ positive relationship could be seen during Patrick and Nikka’s recent wedding where Jennylyn allowed son Alex Jazz to take part in the ceremonies.

4. Sarah Lahbati

The revelation of couple Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez’s firstborn was made through the first episode of their family reality show It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez last year. Baby Zion, who was being secretly raised in the US and Europe, has since been the recipient of adoration from his lola Annabelle Rama.

5. LJ Reyes

What was supposed to be an indefinite leave in 2010 to have LJ’s aching back checked and treated in the US eventually led to the revelation by one of her network’s executives that she was pregnant. Baby Aki, who’s the son of LJ’s former flame Paulo Avelino, was born in the US mid-2010.

6. Denise Laurel

Denise was able to quietly evade the public scrutiny and only admitted to having a son some four months after she gave birth. Despite this admission, Denise was mum about her baby Alejandro’s father. What she only told the public was that her son’s father was an Italian-American national.

7. Roxanne Guinoo

Roxanne’s pregnancy happened during her heyday in the business when she was just 20-years-old in 2010. Back then, her love life and even her engagement with then-boyfriend Elton Yap had been especially quiet. The public only got a glimpse of her life when she confirmed that she was welcoming a baby girl and eventually named her Rain Eliana Guinoo-Yap.

8. Helga Krapf

Young actress Helga gave birth to her baby Amelie some three weeks ago. The father of Helga’s firstborn is said to be her non-showbiz doctor boyfriend Kevin Estillore.

9. Jerika Ejercito

In Jerika’s case, her pregnancy was revealed to the public early last year by Meryl Soriano, her boyfriend Bernard Palanca’s ex-wife. Their baby Isaiah was eventually accepted by his lolo Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada late last year.

10. Cristine Reyes

Ending months of speculation, Cristine confirmed her pregnancy via a special moment on ASAP in November of last year. Rumors about when she was due to give birth surfaced early this February. According to reports, Cristine gave birth to a premature baby girl named Amarah to her jiujitsu champion boyfriend Ali Khatibi.