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Julia Barretto says she is happy Gretchen and Claudine Barretto are invited to her debut

Julia Barretto admits she wants her entire family to make peace on her special day.

Julia Barretto says she is happy Gretchen and Claudine Barretto are invited to her debut-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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03/06/2015 01:09 PM
Julia Barretto says she is happy Gretchen and Claudine Barretto are invited to her debut
030615-julia_main.jpgAs she turns 18 on March 10, Julia Barretto said she is ready to say goodbye to her childhood. “As they say, more responsible, more mature, so I believe na totoo yun. So baka nga yun na yun. So far sa mga naririnig kong what to expect is more responsibilities, they expect you to be more mature and wiser in making decisions,” she shared.

The pretty teen said she is not asking for any more gifts from her parents Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla (the latter whom she recently reconciled with when she invited him to her debut) “Gift na talaga yung presence ng father ko sa debut ko. That’s really enough. With my mom she’s given me way too much to ask anything else from her. And she’s also very hands-on sa debut. Actually siya ang mas pressured kasi feeling niya mag-re-reflect sa kanya. Siya ang mas tense,” she admitted during the Just Julia presscon held last March 4 inside ABS-CBN.

Another thing Julia is happy for about her debut is the opportunity to bring most of her family members together, including her estranged titas Gretchen and Claudine. “I want to believe that it's the purpose of my debut. I personally invited all of them. Some of them said that they are. Some of them… hindi ako mapilit. It’s up to them. Basta alam nila na I want them to be there. I can’t force anything to happen. I don’t think that’s the right thing to do. Parang hindi tama naman na magpilit ng tao di ba? So it’s my special day, I wanted everybody to be there. If that’s the reason bakit magkakayos ang lahat then good,” she explained.
With her tita Gretchen's birthday happening within the same week, Julia said it is understandable why she hasn't confirmed her attendance yet. Gretchen's daughter Dominique will be missing the event because she is currently studying abroad. “I’m hoping. It depends. Ask her. I’m not thinking about not just myself siyempre birthday niya, if she wants to be with her daughter in London, anak niya yun. Pamangkin lang naman ako di ba? So I understand. Hindi naman ako mababaw na pagtatampuhan ko yun. There are more important things na dapat magtampo ako about. That’s not a big deal,” she said.

The Star Magic batch 2013 member said  she does not want the media to misinterpret Gretchen's absence as part of the family issue with her mom. “But this is already coming from me that it’s okay. It’s my special day. It’s not my mom’s special day. Bakit magtatampo yung mommy ko eh hindi naman niya debut? It’s alright. She can be [with] ate Doms (Dominique) the daughter,” she added.

030615-julia_main.jpgThe pretty teen also clarified that she and her tita Claudine never had an issue with each other. “Kami ng tita ko never kaming nag-away. Never kami nagka-issue, never kaming nagka-anything so of course she's invited. Everybody in my family sana nandun silang lahat. I invited all of them,” she admitted. When asked if her mom and Claudine had made up, Julia opted to keep herself out of the issue. “That is to be answered by Ms. Claudine Barretto and Ms. Marjorie Barretto themselves. I can't answer questions not about me. Ayokong makialam po eh, nakakahiya (laughs),” she said.

Because of all the issues that were thrown her way ever since she joined showbiz as a Barretto, Julia said it has actually made her into a more mature and stronger woman. “Very much. I think dealing with it, growing up and actually dealing with it already, myself now that I’m in the industry, it has molded me into the person that I am now, into the strong, wise person that I am now. Rather than sobrang galit ako sa mga experiences ko, I’m more of thankful,” she shared.
Julia said she has learned to move on from negativity that comes from public scrutiny and being part of a popular showbiz clan. “I’m also human siyempre nakaka-affect din siya. Siyempre I have feelings, too. But then I chose to be strong and I went on with my life. I can’t let them dictate how I’m going to feel. Now siguro number one (reason I've matured) is because I grew up na nakasanayan ko. It was something I expected when I entered the industry. Along the way you realize that these negative issues don’t actually last forever. At some point they end. They don’t even last a month. So parang I choose to be strong and positive and I always choose to be the better person. Siguro depende lang yun sa perspective niyo,” she explained.