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EXCLUSIVE: Bangs Garcia on Phil Younghusband: ‘We didn't work out’

Bangs Garcia says she’s better off as friends with Phil Younghusband.

EXCLUSIVE: Bangs Garcia on Phil Younghusband: ‘We didn't work out’-Kristhoff  Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape


03/05/2015 10:34 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Bangs Garcia on Phil Younghusband: ‘We didn't work out’
030315-bangs_main.jpgBangs Garcia confirmed with Push.com.ph that she is no longer going out with Azkals football player Phil Younghusband since before December of last year.

"Phil and I were better off as friends. It’s one thing that I’ve learned in 2014 na it doesn’t mean na both of you are nice in a relationship na you are going to work out as a couple, sometimes you're better off as friends. Kasi ano eh for you to work out as a couple you have to connect mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically, dapat in sync kayo eh. We were never committed, we tried, pero hindi eh, ganon talaga eh, yeah so we stop dating bago pa mag December," she revealed. 

Bangs stressed that they tried to make it work but they decided to part ways because they figured there was no “spark” between the two of them. "We dated eh, we were somehow looking forward to being a real couple but then wala eh, wala ‘yung certain spark nayun. You have to have that certain spark para maging couple kayo pero parang okay kami as friends eh, mas better as friends."

The sexy actress underscored that she is still on good terms with Phil and they did not harbor any hatred towards each other despite the failed attempt to turn their friendship into a relationship. "May ganon talaga eh di ba atyon ‘yung pinakamaganda, no ill feelings naman. We're really good friends and I’m still close to Keri ‘yung younger sister niya so parang alam mo ‘yun wala talaga, no regrets or anything."

Even though she did not get her happy ending with the football star, Bangs is actually very inspired at the moment. She shared that she is currently seeing a non-showbiz guy who coincidentally is also half-British, half-Filipino like Phil. "Yes someone is inspiring me right now. This guy who is inspiring me right now I met him on January 2 to be exact. He’s a businessman from London who happens to be a half British also."

Bangs underscored that she is still in the getting to know each other stage with the guy. She said that she doesn't commit easily when it comes to relationships. "We're still casual dating pa rin. I don’t commit that easily, hindi basta-basta ganon. For me kailangan kinikilala talaga agad ‘yung guy pero so far, so good pero ang maganda dito, itong guy na dini-date ko ngayon we're like best friends."

She said that the best thing about the new guy is that she can openly talk anything with him. She shared that they usually have endless talks even on Skype. "We can talk [about] anything under the sun, anytime, anywhere even Skype sometimes for five to six hours.” She remarked that everything happened naturally between the two of them. ”It just happened, we didn’t force anything, ‘yon ‘yung pinakamaganda don like wow easy flowing lang lahat, we’re both light-spirited parang I’m really happy. He’s in London but he’s coming here soon."

Bangs is also set to release an album this year. She recently signed with Viva Artist Agency. "It's like electro pop. I am looking for a peg kasi magkakaroon ako ng album eh. I’m a new Viva artist na pala so they’re going to expect an album from me and movies soon. I might do an electro pop Filipino version."