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Christian Bautista says he wants to release a single in the US and Europe

Christian Bautista is set to perform with The Platters and Matt Monro Jr. this Valentine’s Day.


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2/14/2015 4:06 AM
Christian Bautista says he wants to release a single in the US and Europe

021315-christian_main.jpgChristian Bautista is not limiting himself in the local music scene as he aspires to break into the international music scene someday. The balladeer revealed that he wants to release an international song and make the world hear his music in the future. “I would like to have a single out either in Europe or America. That would be wonderful,” he shared. He relayed that if the opportunity will present itself, he would embrace it with arms wide-open to give his dream a shot.  “If I am given the chance, then that would be the next step. I would love to do that.”

As early as now, Christian needs not to wait for a massive opportunity though because this February 14, he will get to perform with legendary group The Platters and British singer Matt Monro Jr. at the Philippine International Convention Center. “I’ve been nervous but I’m excited also to be with my idols and there’s going to be magic on stage for sure so watch out for that,” he stated.  He will perform with them again in February 16 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila.

The balladeer shared that sadly, he has no special someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with this year but he is optimistic that he will find new love soon. He is more than happy though to spend Valentine’s with his fans in the concert. “Right now when you’re single it’s all about work but I am looking forward actually to next year's Valentine’s Day so hopefully it's not just me. I hope I will have someone to be with but we'll see if it happens or not but right now how I do I celebrate it? I will celebrate it with music to connect with the fans.”

Christian hopes that his songs will help the broken-hearted cope with their sadness this season of love. “Well during Valentine’s Day there are just people who are brokenhearted and we can’t really do anything about it, they have to express it, they have to let it all out, you know. I have friends that sit down and listen to different kinds of music and cry it out. They just get it all out and that's what we are here for either we sing the songs that they can connect with so that they can remember the good times and still move on.”

The singer has even an advice for all who are still drenched in misery because of their shattered hearts. He shared, “Yes this is a hard time. You just got to go through it, everyone has, but we move on and we discover a new kind of love, maybe even greater than the past love.”