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Celebrities share their most unforgettable Valentine’s dates, Part 1

Your favorite celebrities reveal their favorite Valentine’s Day moments.

Celebrities share their most unforgettable Valentine’s dates, Part 1-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


02/14/2015 12:52 PM
Celebrities share their most unforgettable Valentine’s dates, Part 1

Julia Montes


“Siguro yung time na kami-kami, kami nila Kathryn (Bernardo) meron kaming group na tinatawag namin na TF Family and yung group na yun sinurprise lang nila ako one Valentine’s day. Wala lang trip trip namin yun and that time ako yung hindi visible sa group that time kasi naging busy so sinurprise nila ako.”

Xian Lim


“A standout one maybe was a couple of years back nung dinala ko si Kim (Chiu) sa isang yacht sa Subic bay. I didn’t know na mahirap mag-rent ng isang yacht out of nowhere if you don’t have any contacts. I thought it would be romantic. It’s very Valentine’s Day-ish. It was very unforgettable kasi una sa lahat kasama ko si Kim and I had to make it work. Siyempre, I had to get all the food, I had to coordinate din with the captain and all that.”
Kris Bernal


“Sobrang babaw kong tao (laughs) so I appreciate the small things. Those are the things I appreciate the most. Siguro ang pinaka-magandang natanggap ko nung Valentine's is a letter, a love letter. Kasi parang it's not a material thing but you know that it came from the heart and it's sincere.”

Photo credit to Kris Bernal's Instagram account

Mark Bautista


“I think two years ago nag-out of the country ako with a loved one and dun namin sinelebrate. We went to Bangkok. Unforgettable kasi kaming dalawa lang at espesyal yung araw na yun and first time ko nag-abroad na may date. I planned it in advance.”
Jerome Ponce


“I'm just going to go sa house niya. Makikipag-usap whole night hanggang matapos yung Valentine's day.” 

Cris Villonco


“It would have to be last year when I spent it with my significant other and he really went through great lengths to make me happy.”
Apl De Ap


“Me and my ex-girlfriend of nine years went to Kawai in Hawaii and had a nice weekend in Hawaii so that's one of the most memorable Valentines for me.”
Barbie Almalbis


“A few years ago my husband got me a drum set. It's kind of funny but I think na-timing lang na it was Valentine's day, we just ate in one of our favorite restaurants dun sa Ninos sa Katipunan. We had this really, really nice meal.”

Rachel Alejandro


“There was one time I had a boyfriend from the ‘90s, whoever that was in the ‘90s (laughs), since then kasi I haven't really had a romantic Valentine's eh. That's like the one and only romantic Valentine I had. Maybe this is not so uncommon but I was having a show at the Shangri-La, I was performing in Zu the disco, I had a concert there and then I was so tired I thought I was just going to go to bed. But when I opened my room in the hotel, there was like petals all over and then there was champagne. I know it's been done and all that but that was my only time that anyone ever did that for me! (laughs)”
Jinri Park, RX 93.1 DJ


“To tell you the truth I have none. In Korea we don't celebrate Valentine's day and I didn't really have a lot of boyfriends throughout my Valentine's days so I was mostly alone with my friends.”

JC De Vera


“Dinala ko yung isang girl sa beach sa La Union tapos nag-candlelight dinner tapos may mga konting surprise of course. Very very simple but honest yung plan, kaming dalawa lang. Very intimate. Pero matagal na matagal na panahon na ito. Lately hindi na ako nakikipag-date talaga pag Valentine's kasi nga ang daming trabaho. Usually Valentine's day is work day na sa akin eh.”