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  • Barbie Almalbis talks about her family life and getting back into her passion for performing.

EXCLUSIVE: Barbie Almalbis returns to music, admits she enjoys motherhood

Barbie Almalbis talks about her family life and getting back into her passion for performing.

EXCLUSIVE: Barbie Almalbis returns to music, admits she enjoys motherhood-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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02/14/2015 04:06 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Barbie Almalbis returns to music, admits she enjoys motherhood
021315-barbie_main.jpgAfter an almost three-year hiatus from the music scene, Barbie Almalbis admitted she is happy to share her new album Dear New Heart to all her loyal supporters. “Ni-record namin siya sa bahay lahat and it has eight original songs and one cover song. This is the very first time my band and I recorded an entire album at home. As in we never stepped in[to] the studio this whole time. Original yung songs sa album so it really took me a while to complete the songs as well as to record everything. Mga one year namin siyang ginawa tapos sa bahay lang. Hindi na yung tipong papasok ka ng studio tapos paglabas mo umaga na. Ngayon parang everyday pakonti-konti. Yung last album ko was in 2011 so it took me three years to write and record the songs. I just hope that a lot of people will get to hear and enjoy the new songs para maka-reach out pa kami with our music,” she shared during her album launch under 12 Stone Records held last February 11 in Dulcinea restaurant in Quezon City. 

The multi-awarded singer, who got married to Senator Gringo Honasan's son Martin, also admitted she and her husband of almost nine years appreciate and support each others artistic endeavors. “We're both very involved in each other's art since Martin is also a musician by heart. Shy lang siya but he loves music, he understands music and mommy ko painter din, fine arts graduate din siya I also have knowledge about those things so lagi naming dini-discuss yung mga process namin tapos nagbibigay kami ng comments sa isa't isa. And at the same time being artists din, we both understand yung kailangan namin na space minsan kunwari hindi pa rin tapos yung work so hindi muna ako mag-co-comment, ganun (laughs). Na-develop na namin yung system i we give each other the space to work and at the same time we support each other in growing in our craft. My album cover was painted by my husband. He has an upcoming exhibit at the CCP in May so you can check out his works there,” she proudly shared.

021315-barbie_main.jpgEven when she became a mom, Barbie said that she never really planned to become a full-time housewife. “Actually hindi kasi ako ganung klase na planner, it's more of siguro alam ko na yung priorities ko. That I really have to spend time with the kids and during my free time I try to write songs or do gigs, ganun lang. Hindi ko talaga blinock off na walang gigs, ganun. Dahil sa schedule ko being a mom, ayoko rin pilitin. Kailangan ko talaga i-balance yung mga ginagawa ko. I'm a mom with two kids and they both keep me very, very busy. It's really mostly family life and music and I'm also active in our church because I serve there. That's really what my life revolves around. Sobrang enjoy at saka napakabilis parang seven years old na yung panganay namin. Nagugulat na lang ako sa bilis. Girl yung panganay namin and then we have a boy na four na siya,” she shared.

The Dear New Heart artist said she is lucky to be able to live a life that balances her two passions in life, her family and music. “I'm a hands-on mom and I feel it's best that we get to work from home because Martin is a painter so he works at home and ako rin naman I have my recording at home, yung mga gigs naman usually sa gabi. So everyday we really spend time with the kids. I just find creative ways to keep them occupied. Di ba there's this thing about having different kinds of intelligence? So we want to be keen on their specific talents and be able to hone those and not just put them in a box na kailangan math lang or ganyan lang. Although important lahat ng yun but we also want to really key in on ano ba talaga ang magiging hilig nito. And we want to be able to focus and develop it,” she explained.

Motherhood according to Barbie did not change her taste in music, but added another interesting element to it. “Ever since I was performing my album has always been like a diary where everything that has happened in my life is in the songs in the album so I think motherhood and being a wife really found it's way, yung mga stories ko, found it's way into the songs. Meron akong song for my two kids in the album called ‘Secrets.’ It's a slow song so I guess you can use it for a lullabye. Even my taste in clothes when I perform, Hindi ko naman kailangan magbago, it's another part of who you are,” she said.

Duing her presscon, Barbie's face lit up every time she was asked about her relationship with her kids Stina, 7, and Liam, 4. “Actually both of them love art and love music. Although hindi pa naman namin sila linalagay sa formal schooling, ako kasi dun rin ako natutong mag-fall in love with music. It was my own thing, it was never forced on me. Dinadaan namin sa inggit. Tutugtog kami para mainggit sila tapos magiging interested sila, parang ganun lang. They both love music. They both love drawing, artist din. Although pinapa-enjoy naman namin sa kanila yung art sa ngayon, malay mo maging scientist din, hindi mo alam di ba? (laughs). Music that was something that was my own thing growing up. Although sa family ko mahilig sila tumugtog pero nobody really said na ito ang magiging career ko or ito gagawin ko for life or as a living. I want them to find that relationship with what they want to do as well, yung natural sa kanila so that they will really enjoy doing it,” she explained.

021315-barbie_main.jpgAt 37 years old, Barbie still looks every bit as young as when she started performing as the lead vocalist of the Hungry Young Poets in 1997. What is the secret to her always-youthful looks? “Well I have to thank my parents for their genes (laughs). And also my husband for loving me well. He also influenced me to have a healthy lifestyle, ayun, ganun. To drink a lot of water, get sleep,” she said.

And although she has done several major commercial campaigns already, Barbie says she stil  does not think she is ready for showbiz and acting. “Wala pa namang opportunity at saka feeling ko hindi rin basta basta, mahirap din umarte, kailangan mo din ng training. Although masaya siya, it's an art form that would be fun to get into. Pero talagang nahirapan ako mag-acting. Sa commercials nga challenged na challenged ako, lagi akong nagtatanong sa director, 'Okay na ba yun?' (laughs) Talagang hindi pa rin ako happy sa basta basta,” she admits.

For Valentine's day, Barbie said she and her husband will be sharing the love with their friends and fans this weekend. “Makiki-Valentine's kami (laughs). We're going to a friend's wedding and then we're going to the UP fair because we have a gig there,” she said.

Barbie Almalbis's latest album My New Heart under 12 Stone records is now available in record stores like Odyssey, Astroplus and SM malls nationwide.