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EXCLUSIVE: Ex-PBB housemates Gee-Ann Abrahan and Mickey Perz to wed in January 2016

Gee-Ann Abrahan says that Mickey Perz proposed to her during a dinner with her mother.

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-PBB housemates Gee-Ann Abrahan and Mickey Perz to wed in January 2016-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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02/12/2015 02:12 PM
EXCLUSIVE: Ex-PBB housemates Gee-Ann Abrahan and Mickey Perz to wed in January 2016
021215-geean_mainphoto.jpgFormer Pinoy Big Brother housemate Gee-Ann Abrahan revealed that she is now engaged to fellow PBB season two alum Mickey Perz. In a recent exclusive interview with Push.com.ph, Gee-An happily shared how her longtime boyfriend’s intimate proposal happened.

“He was supposed to do it at the end of an event, with a whole prod prepared. But thankfully he changed his mind because I can't handle a surprise as big as that with a large crowd watching,” she started.

She continued, “Two nights later, he simply took me and my mom out for dinner at a hidden restaurant. We were all alone. He asked for my mom's blessing first, then he suddenly went down on one knee, popped the question, and showed the ring. He even had to ask my mom where to put the ring because he really didn't know how! It was a simple, intimate moment, just the way I wanted it to be.”

The couple’s romance which has gone on for seven years now started at the famous yellow PBB house. The two were housemates in the second season where Beatriz Saw emerged as the winner. Mickey landed the second big placer spot while Gee-Ann went home as the fourth big placer.

Although they have yet to finalize the details of their big day, Gee-Ann revealed that they are planning to get hitched in January of next year.

Gee-Ann used to be close to Mickey while they were still inside the PBB house. However it was only after the show when they officially became a couple and that even came after Gee-Ann’s relationship with former co-housemate Bodie Cruz.

“It really isn't the usual kind of relationship, especially since we geographically and culturally come from different sides of the world and met at a reality show,” she said of her Filipino-Swiss fiancé.

021215-geean_mainphoto.jpgIn 2009, almost a year since they made their relationship public, both Gee-Ann and Mickey revealed that they split up.  

“We broke up even before we made it through a year. It was a really bad phase. And the breakup happened on the same day I had to surprise him on ASAP on national TV for his birthday,” she recalled laughing.

According to Gee-Ann, the main reason for their breakup then was the fact that they “struggled with our differences.” While she wasn’t certain how it came about, she presumed that it was because their romance blossomed in a reality show.

“I didn't speak to him for a few months, and we kept it ‘professional’ at work when he had to do shows and such. We both didn't date,” she related. “Then I guess one day we both realized we really wanted to be together.”

The two joined showbiz for a time after they left the PBB house. Mickey even had his own dance segment on ASAP with teacher Georcelle of G-Force. Gee-Ann did a bunch of teleseryes and movies, like Magkaribal, Precious Hearts Romances: Impostor, and My Amnesia Girl.
“We've been busy with our business. We started an events company, which we're both passionate about. We manage corporate and social events, so we're actually used to planning weddings although it's still different doing your own we've also struggled with maintaining the balance,” Gee-Ann said.

Gee-Ann admitted that they had to go through other struggles as partners in business and in life. “We even went through that ‘seven year itch.’ But it just made us realize that we want to be together no matter what. Still I guess you can say it all wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Kuya!” she said.

Even though they have yet to finalize their wedding details, Gee-Ann claimed that she already has a dream wedding in mind. “I've always imagined it to be simple and traditional, just here in Manila, with my family and best friends,” Gee-Ann said.

In fact, her dream wedding is pretty vivid in that she already has it planned inside her head. “Since I was a little girl, I’ve always known which church I want and which reception venue, even what songs and what the program might have. And with our business, I know how I’m going to execute the details as well as my technical requirements.  But whatever I might have to add now is all because my groom is a dance master,” she ended.