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RR Enriquez on traffic prank: 'Who are you to judge me?'

RR Enriquez offers a ‘half-hearted’ apology for playing a rude prank on an unsuspecting commuter.

EJ Salut


02/11/2015 08:06 AM
RR Enriquez on traffic prank: 'Who are you to judge me?'
021015-rrenriquez_main.jpgSexy star RR Enriquez and TV personality Jeck Maierhofer have publicly apologized after they faced harsh criticism over their “rude prank” on a sleeping passenger in a video that went viral over the weekend.

The video, which was subsequently posted by Top Gear Philippines and titled “How Rude,” showed Maierhofer and Enriquez making fun of a passenger who was asleep in a commuter van in front of their car.

''Ladies and gentlemen, ang gagawin po namin is bubusina po kami para magising si Kuya," Enriquez said in the video. After doing so, she added, "Oh my gosh that so fun."

This prank earned the ire of the netizens after it was posted online, leading many to say that even with money the starlets weren’t “able to buy class.” Others hit their blatant insensitivity about the hapless man’s obvious weary condition. Some critics believe that the video was a publicity stunt for their new reality show, given that the two are now being talked about in the news and on social media.

Maierhofer, the wife of PBA player Rico Maierhofer, claimed that the incident has taught her a lot of things. “I sincerely and wholeheartedly apologize for my inappropriate behavior in the video that has offended many. Sana po ay inyong tanggapin ang aking taos pusong pag hingi ng tawad sa lahat lalo na po sa mama na nasa loob ng van. This incident has taught me to be more sensitive towards people's feelings and be more responsible for my actions. Tao lang po ako,hindi po ako perpekto,thank you sa lahat ng nagmessage,thank you sa asawa ko na hindi ako jinudge at niyakap ako,yan lang po talaga ang kailangan ko ngayon. Again,sorry po ulit. ????” she wrote on her Instagram account.

Enriquez also took to her Instagram account to explain her lapse in judgement. "Nag honk kami para magising sya.. At first i thought it was funny. Some people took it seriously, some people think its funny.. Kanya-kanyang comment.. But now i can honestly say Yes you are rights [sic] its rude.. Nabreak din yung heart ko when i realized na siguradong pagod yung guy na yun kaya sya nakatulog and yet ayun inisteal pa namin yung konting tulog na magagawa nya sana Sometimes we tend to do things dahil akala natin funny.. We do things ng hindi muna tayo nag iisip and i must say im one of them," she said in an Instagram post.

021015-rrenriquez_main.jpgBut while Enriquez admitted her mistake, she also fired back at those who criticized her for her misconduct. "Its a lesson learned for me but hello who are you to judge me? And question my faith as a Christian? Yes i am a Christian but that doesn't mean na im perfect na! That's why i need God in my life kasi nga im not perfect. If perfect na ako wala na magiging mayabang na ako kay God at iisipin ko na ako na si God [sic]," she said.

Enriquez has now made her Instagram account private in the wake of public backlash.

In an interview with News5, Maeirhofer reiterated her apology and spoke of how she was grateful that her husband has stood by her side throughout the ordeal. 
For her part, Enriquez revealed that her partner, basketball player JJ Helterbrand, admonished her for her childish behavior. She promised that she would act her age in the future.

—From reports by Maureen Marie Belmonte, Kristhoff Cagape, and the Push Team