Kean Cipriano’s sweet poem for Chynna Ortaleza

EJ Salut


12/07/2015 03:22 PM
Kean Cipriano’s sweet poem for Chynna Ortaleza

Kean Cipriano greeted his girlfriend Chynna Ortaleza a happy birthday by writing her a poem and sharing it on his Instagram. Chynna turned 33 last December 6. 

“She is the meaning of life. 
She makes the world go round.
She wipes away all those tears. 
She smiles and i go crazy. 
She inspires me in every single way. 
She listens to every chord, every word. 
She keeps me calm. She is my peace. 
She's got the face i call home. 
She is the most beautiful human being. 
She's is the heart that keeps me alive. She is my Sanctuary. 
She keeps me closer to Him. 
She is God's beautiful work of art. 
She is everything. 

Happy birthday to the love of my life @chynsortaleza! She deserves all the great things in this world!” Kean wrote.