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From The Top: Five things that made Sarah Geronimo’s two-day concert very special

Sarah tells Piolo during the 2nd night: ‘Na-in love talaga ako sayo no’n pero walang malisya!’


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12/7/2015 3:14 AM
From The Top: Five things that made Sarah Geronimo’s two-day concert very special


There’s no doubt that Pop Star Royalty Sarah Geronimo’s recently-concluded two-night sold-out concert titled From The Top at the Araneta Coliseum was a huge success.

However, those who attended the concert wonder if Sarah’s two shows were one and the same?  

If not, which parts were changed? Is the first one better than the last one or vice versa? 

With that, PUSH lists down five points that were different during the two-night show.  

1. More hugot to more engagement

On the first night, Sarah said a lot of hugot lines including one where she told the Popsters: “Kayo na lang kaya ang pakasalan ko? Baka tayo ang meant to be?” 

During her performance of “Dulo” everyone noticed that Sarah got a little teary-eyed, which made a lot speculate that she and boyfriend Matteo Guidicelli—who was a no show on the first night—are not on good terms. 

During the second night, Sarah was evidently more engaging with her audience, that she even encouraged them to sing “Forever is Not Enough” with her twice. Then, she also repeatedly expressed her gratefulness to her fans, who have stuck with her for 12 years. However, halfway through her thank you speech, she smiled when a fan yelled Matteo’s name.

2. ‘Thank You’ to ‘To Love You More’

Although majority of the songs she performed were her own pieces, Sarah did a cover of two international hits on both nights. There’s “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” and Dido’s “Thank You” on the first day. But, during the second night, Sarah replaced “Thank You” with one of her most iconic covers ever, Celine Dion’s “To Love You More.” 

3. ‘Movie Love’ to ‘Tayo’

While Sarah performed 21 songs on the first day, she only sang 20 songs during the second night. This event led to the switching of her finale songs which was “Movie Love” on the first night and “Tayo” during the second night.

4. Glow sticks to clapping on acoustic

Like an international concert, a sea of red glow sticks illuminated the entire show all throughout the first night. Unfortunately, there were only a handful who had the glow sticks with them during the second night. 
However, this was replaced with the audience’s synchronized clapping when Sarah performed the acoustic version of “Ikot-Ikot.” 

5. Erik Santos to Piolo Pascual

While Sarah had “This Fight” composer Kito Romualdez as a guest during both nights, fans of The Breakup Playlist’s theme song “Paano Ba Ang Magmahal” were given a treat as two singers performed it with Sarah on different nights. 

Those who came during the first night saw one half of the song’s original singer King of Teleserye Theme Songs Erik Santos belting with Sarah. But, those who came on the second night luckily got to see and hear Sarah reunite onstage with her The Breakup Playlist leading man Piolo Pascual.

On top of that, Sarah even told Piolo that she fell in love with him while working on their movie project. But she was quick to add, “Pero walang malisya ah!”