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Bamboo reveals what it is about being part of ‘The Voice’ that makes him stay

Bamboo admits he considered taking a leave from ‘The Voice.’

Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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12/04/2015 08:48 AM
Bamboo reveals what it is about being part of ‘The Voice’ that makes him stay
120415-bamboo_main.jpgOn Tonight with Boy Abunda, Bamboo talked about the release of his new album as well as his stint on the Voice Philippines.

Asked why it took four years to do his current album Bless This Mess, Bamboo shared, “Because it’s a lot of work doing TV, with The Voice and ASAP as well, and it’s just finding the time to write, finding the space to do that. Medyo I had to adjust that way. Kasi, dati I get a block of time, I write, it comes out. Eto I had to find pockets of time.” 

The songs in his current album were recorded in Brooklyn, New York. “It provided the right environment for the kind of music I wanted. It was a point na kasi pakiramdam ko, I’m going back to sort of my roots as well.” 

When asked to clarify whether he was going back to his roots in New York, the singer said, “Roots in music, in the sense of, I started in rock, so there’s a lot of rock. But of course I’ve evolved through the years, I’ve learned through the years.”

As time has been a factor for him as a singer/songwriter, Bamboo admittedly considered taking a leave from The Voice. “There were points, yes. There were points where you would think about that. But then you always think that we started something together and it’s not (just) myself or my fellow coaches, it’s also the production, the team there; we’re like a family there. I enjoy being with them so when they say, ‘Bamboo come on, you got to hold on,’ so I do. And it’s something we’re very proud of—the work and the output of what we’ve done. And of course the point where you got to help, especially the Voice Kids—it’s gratifying, nakakatulong ka sa bata. When you can change a life, you wake up a little sweeter in the morning, happier when you do that.”

During the course of the interview, Bamboo was asked, “What have you become all these years? What have you become as a singer, and what have you become as a person?”

“I’m still a student. I’m still someone who is continuing to grow and learn, as much as I can, absorb what I can and someone who sort of wants to challenge myself and what I do. There’s a line I always, it’s a simple line, but to really think about it and live with it, ‘live with purpose.’ It’s a cliché line but if you wake up every morning, really think about that line, and you tell yourself, ‘live with purpose, Bamboo, live with purpose.’”