John Lloyd Cruz shares how they helped fill in the story of Basha and Popoy

Bea Alonzo says when she wants a part 3 for Basha and Popoy

John Lloyd Cruz shares how they helped fill in the story of Basha and Popoy-Cristina Malonzo-Balane
Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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12/03/2015 09:00 AM
John Lloyd Cruz shares how they helped fill in the story of Basha and Popoy
120315-beajlc1_main.jpgOn Tonight with Boy Abunda, John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo talked about their recent blockbuster hit and the correlation of various issues depicted in the film in their lives. 

The stars of A Second Chance are oozing with gratefulness for everyone’s support and appreciation for the said film as the material is said to be quite different from the norm. John Lloyd shared, “it was terrifying, bago namin ipakita, bago namin i-offer, kasi it’s not the usual glossy, promising Star Cinema film, diba? Pero ito, with a storytelling like this, and a material like this, it’s not very hard to get terrified, mahirap talaga. So hindi namin ine-expect.”  

John Lloyd also shared that they helped frame the backstory of the 7 year gap from the previous movie – “malaking part, in terms of contribution, bago tumakbo yung kwento talaga, bago nasimulang isulat, kami ni Bea magkasama together, we worked on a backgrounder for Popoy and Basha. Diba may 7 year gap? Nagcontribute kami doon sa pag fill-in ng history. Nabuo yung gap na 7 years.”

With the mention of the 7-year gap between the two films, the host then asked, “are you the same John Lloyd and Bea seven years ago? How much did you change if you did, and what kind of people have you become 7 years after?”

“I guess it’s safe to say that we grew up,” Bea responded, “and siguro dahil yun sa, ako I’m speaking for myself, ang daming pinagdaanan, maganda, masama, and I would like to think na sa bawat pahirap na pinagdadaanan ko, I learn.”

“Yes, sometimes I become damaged and sometimes I become dark, but I strive to become a better person after each hardship na pinagdaanan ko, I try,” Bea added.  “I’m not saying I’m a good person (at this both the host and John Lloyd agreed she is). I try to be a good person every day; I try to be better every day. And if you ask me kung anong klaseng tao ako ngayon, siguro a person who still strives to be better, a person who still tries to learn things about life, and still try to be good.”

On the other hand, John Lloyd said, “Hirap kasi 7 or 8 years ago when we were doing One More Chance, hindi ko naman iniisip na darating yung gabing ito at tatanungin mo ako kung paano na. But ang dami nang nagbago because 8 years is 8 years and marami kang pain na pinagdaanan, maraming joys na pinagdaanan, at nagbago ka of course. Paano ka hindi magbabago sa ilang taon. Malamang nagbago ako. Now, tingin ko, I’m more comfortable with myself. Mas nayayakap ko na yung truth ko. Hindi na ako takot ipakilala kung sino ako. But, I’m also more careful with my words.” 

When asked if one can fall in love with failure, John Lloyd remarked, “don’t ask me kasi ako talagang attracted ako sa, hindi naman sa negativity, but I’m really fascinated with, ewan ko, sabi nila it’s dark, yung hindi in plain sight beautiful. Mayroon yung ganoong energy na naa-attract ako.”

Meanwhile, Bea said, “siguro I can fall in love with failure if it will make me feel alive instead of just floating and being safe all the time. Yes, I would like to go through that, yes, if it will make me feel alive.”

On the portrayal of competition in a relationship as a means to show the other person your love and desire to have a better life, Bea shared, “I need to feel like I have a purpose in life instead of just floating and serving a man or being defined by a man or a relationship. Importante sa akin ang individuality.”

After the box office success of the two installments of the journey of Basha and Popoy, is there is a chance for a part three? Bea said, “…siguro eight or ten years from now. Siguro iba na yung pagdadaanan nila no’n, at siguro mas mature na kami, mas matatanda na kami.” 

John Lloyd, meanwhile, said, “mahirap ipagkait, especially kapag mayroon nang audience parang talagang mayroon ng Popoy at Basha sa horizon."