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Iñigo Pascual ‘steps up’ to defend Julia Barretto

Iñigo Pascual maintains that Julia Barretto is a kind person.

Iñigo Pascual ‘steps up’ to defend Julia Barretto-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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12/03/2015 09:16 AM
Iñigo Pascual ‘steps up’ to defend Julia Barretto
120315-inigo_main.jpgTeen star Iñigo Pascual stood firm on his recent post defending his friend and And I Love You So co-star Julia Baretto.

“I just felt the need to do that because she can’t do that, she can’t say, ‘Stop, guys,’” Iñigo said in an interview during the recently-concluded press conference of their upcoming show And I Love You So together with Miles Ocampo.

He further explained, “I just had to step up and just show that this girl is real and hindi totoo ang sinasabi ng mga tao.”

Inigo stressed that he also did it because Julia is his friend and “That’s really the best way to show a friend that you care; by being there for them.”

Piolo Pascual’s only son also added that hasty comments still “affect” them.

“We don’t show na deep inside we’re hurt because we’re humans and every time we get bad comments about us siyempre masasaktan kami,” he said.

He maintains that Julia is just “misinterpreted” even if "Julia is real. Julia is one of the kindest people."

“Na-misinterpret siya as mataray or whatever because she came from that type of family na they speak English. They’re actually kind, really down to earth people,” he said. “It’s just the way they are."

Despite all the issues, Iñigo is confident that it won’t affect their upcoming TV pairing.

“In this job naman I don’t think you should let any personal stuff affect it. To be honest, I don’t know anything going on about her personal life and vice versa, so it’s not my business to talk if there’s anything going on,” he said.

“So we just work kung ano man ang ibigay sa amin, and we have that friendship. Basta we work together and we know what we want,” Inigo ended.

Catch Julia and Iñigo together with Miles, Angel Aquino, Dimples Romana, and Tonton Gutierrez on And I Love You So starting on December 7 in the Kapamilya afternoon block.