EXCLUSIVE: What is Darren Espanto's Christmas gift to his parents?

Darren Espanto shares his greatest realizations for 2015.

EXCLUSIVE: What is Darren Espanto's Christmas gift to his parents?-Kristhoff  Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape


12/03/2015 04:18 AM
EXCLUSIVE: What is Darren Espanto's Christmas gift to his parents?
120215-darren_main.jpgDarren Espanto has been achieving a lot of success in his career this year. The young singer earned various awards in the recently-concluded Push Awards. He also had the opportunity to sing in front of the APEC leaders. His YouTube cover videos have earned praises from international superstars like Nicki Minaj and Ashton Kutcher. Amid all the successes, Darren believes that he still has a lot to learn when it comes to his craft. "I've learned a lot of things [this year] and I also know na marami pa akong kailangan matutunan," he said in an interview with Push.com.ph.

He added that he recognizes the fact that nothing is permanent in showbiz so that is why he wants to work even harder. "And my greatest realization is not everything is forever 'yun po," he stated. Darren extended his gratitude to those who supported his album which earned major record sales this year. "Hindi ko ini-expect na ganon ang magiging suporta, reaksyon ng mga fans ko sa mga single and I love them so much. They are very supportive and I have a new single coming out, it's called 'Making Move,' na may nagugutsuhan siyang babae and he knows he need to make a move to get the girl."

Darren's family has been very supportive of his musical venture here in the Philippines. Now that Christmas is approaching, what is his gift to them? "Siguro just being a good kid 'yun eh, 'yun lang 'yung hinihingi nila," he said. When asked if he is going to buy them material presents, he responded, "Titingnan ko po kasi ngayon hindi pa po ako nakakapag shopping." 

In a recent interview with Push, Darren shared that he will be going back to Canada this December. "For the holidays, I’m going back to Canada po to spend time with my family. Nakaka-miss din po ‘yung snow, makikita ko ulit," he said. He also shared his New Year's resolution saying, “Siguro po, to just improve who I am and be a better person.”