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EXCLUSIVE: What is James Reid's advice for Bailey May?

Bailey May shares the advice that 'On the Wings of Love' star James Reid gave him.

Kristhoff Cagape


12/19/2015 05:08 AM
EXCLUSIVE: What is James Reid's advice for Bailey May?
121815-bailey_main.jpgAfter his stint on Pinoy Big Brother, Bailey May said that the adjustment in the entertainment industry has been smooth so far. "It's going well. I learn new things everyday which helps and also I am surrounded with people which are making easy for me to survive the industry, so it’s easy," he said in an interview with Push.com.ph.

Bailey now stars in the primetime soap On the Wings of Love with Ylona Garcia. Bailey plays the role of Harry on the show. Bailey shared that he's having fun working with Ylona. "It's good you know. I enjoy working with her. She's funny and yeah I think me and her will hopefully have a future." Bailey admitted that he is a big fan of On the Wings of Love and when he learned that he would be starring in the show, he was thrilled. "It's incredible because before I knew I was in, I watched it and it was my favorite teleserye so to find out to be in my favorite teleserye, it's crazy. I am enjoying everyday," he said.

Bailey relayed that OTWOL's lead star James Reid had advice for him when it comes to acting. "[He said] just be natural, just don't plan anything, just be natural and throw things out on the spot, be natural," he said. What has he learned from James and Nadine Lustre when it comes to making it as a successful love team? "I guess just kilig and being ourselves," he said.

The PBB alumnus remarked that love is not a priority in his life at the moment. "Career [first], love maybe after when I'll have my own house and my own car but I guess it's also not a bad thing to have a crush. It's normal." Now that he is starting his career off as an actor in the Philippines, is he staying in the country for good? "I think so if everything goes well and my career goes well, I will stay here for good."

In a previous interview , Ylona shared that she also enjoys working with Bailey. “It’s really fun. He’s always kulit. Sometimes in the middle of acting when we are supposed to take scenes, he’s very kulit and he’s kind of distracts me because of his facial expressions, I don’t know it’s crazy,” she stated.

According to Ylona, she has also learned a lot of lessons from doing On the Wings of Love. “With acting they’re giving you this big script so you know when we go on set, just be serious. That’s the time to be serious because everyone is really friendly and funny but on the set we are just serious and keep doing our best.”