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Sol Mercado on Denise Laurel: ‘In my heart, she’s already my wife’

Denise plans to share more of her personal earnings with her chosen charity.


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12/16/2015 3:07 AM
Sol Mercado on Denise Laurel: ‘In my heart, she’s already my wife’

121515-denisesol_main2.jpgOn Tonight with Boy Abunda, Denise Laurel talked about winning Your Face Sounds Familiar’s season 2. 
“Tito Boy, honestly, hindi pa nag sisink-in sa akin. I haven’t slept since yesterday, dirediretso po kami, pero it’s not expected. You saw me a few days ago and I really just was on a high from being part of the top 5. Hindi ko talaga inakalang mangyayari ang lahat nang ‘to. And andoon pa rin ako sa, ‘asa top 5 ako?’ Tapos biglang eto na nga. And I really feel like in a way, do I deserve it? Kasi I really look up to the people that I work with – my co-artists on the show. I find them so amazing, I admire them so much,” Denise humbly shared.
Like in any competition, there are those who agreed with YFSF’s results and some who did not, and went to social media to voice their disagreement. When asked how she responds to her bashers, Denise said, “I actually have to go through my whole Twitter and Instagram, I want to thank everybody one by one – I’m not going to stop. It may take a while, because I’m really going to tweet everyone that tweeted me, and I’m going to say, ‘thank you,’ good or bad, because if not for them, I really wouldn’t have gotten this far.”

As the new YFSF champ, Denise earned a million pesos for her, and another million for her chosen charity, Caritas Manila. Although she added, “I want to give part pa of my earnings to them also. Because we will be able to bring kids from high school all the way to college. Tsaka, I can still work pa naman. Sinasabi nila hindi ko raw kailangan ng pera kasi daw mayaman ako. Hindi, hindi yun, God will provide for me kasi. May mga panahon talaga na wala na akong pera tapos bigla na lang niya binibigay sa akin. Naranasan ko yun na wala akong pera, wala akong makain, pero he always provides for me. That’s why I’m so brave to give, because I know, God will always provide.”

Denise was interviewed together with her fiancé Sol Mercado. The PBA star proposed to the actress back in 2013, and they have yet to officially tie the knot. When asked what was holding them back, Sol said, “Well, I mean, it’s definitely both of our schedules. I don’t want to really rush it, I want her to have the wedding she’s always dreamed of – be able to plan it, and also save up for it. And my family is in the states also, so it’s hard also to deal with their schedules and so it’s just all that come together. It’s really no rush for me, in my heart she’s already my wife.”