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EXCLUSIVE: Ylona Garcia talks about working with Bailey May on ‘OTWOL’

Ylona Garcia shares her experience working on her very first soap after ‘Pinoy Big Brother.’


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12/16/2015 3:06 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Ylona Garcia talks about working with Bailey May on ‘OTWOL’

121515-ylona_main.jpgYlona Garcia is now part of the primetime serye On the Wings of Love where she plays the role of Audrey. The young star is overwhelmed to be part of the show and considers it as a great opportunity for her to showcase her talent.

“I’m excited and I hope they just enjoy the scenes with Audrey… My character is Audrey [is] pinsan ni Leah (Nadine Lustre). It’s a really beautiful opportunity to have. It’s so hard for me to get used to it because On the Wings of Love is such a big show. It’s like the number one, top show and for me to be a part of it, it’s just amazing. It’s my first acting [job] but it’s really fun,” she said.

Ylona added that she is personally a fan of James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s love team. “Yeah I’ve always been. Like I’m a fan of everyone because every single artist does [things] different in their own way so I’m always a fan of JaDine, Tomiho (Tommy Esguerra and Miho Nishida),” she said.

When asked about her experience working with Bailey May on the soap, Ylona shared that she enjoys working with the young star. “It’s really fun. He’s always kulit. Sometimes in the middle of acting when we are supposed to take scenes, he’s very kulit and he’s kind of distracts me because of his facial expressions, I don’t know it’s crazy,” she stated.

How do they help each other on set, especially in their scenes? “By just giving it all, you know, focusing on what the acting mentor tells us and giving it our all.”

According to Ylona, she has learned a lot of lessons from doing On the Wings of Love especially when it comes to focus. “With acting they’re giving you this big script so you know when we go on set, just be serious. That’s the time to be serious because everyone is really friendly and funny but on the set we are just serious and keep doing our best.”