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Five interesting facts about John Lloyd Cruz's role In 'Honor Thy Father'

John Lloyd Cruz plays the role of a desperate father and husband in the film


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11/10/2015 6:01 AM
Five interesting facts about John Lloyd Cruz's role In 'Honor Thy Father'


A month and a half before his first independent film Honor Thy Father hits the theaters as part of the Metro Manila Film Festival, the movie was chosen to kick off the annual Cinema One Originals Festival.

Directed by Erik Matti, the film featured the matinee idol in a totally different, brutal and desperate character.

John Lloyd plays the role of Edgar, the husband of Meryll Soriano's character Kaye who did everything—good and bad—in order to save his small family from trigger-happy antagonists.

While it has been said over a dozen of times that this film presents John Lloyd in a totally unfamiliar light, the role came with a bunch of firsts and interesting experiences for the box office star according to his director and co-star.


1. No double
According to Direk Erik, John Lloyd did all the stunts on the film which included swimming in the lake and crawling inside cramped caves.


2. First time to shave his head
According to Meryl, John Lloyd was crazy nervous prior to shaving his head for the role particularly since it was his first time to do it.


3. Shaving inspiration
To "inspire" John Lloyd to shave his head, Meryl shared that Direk Erik shaved his head first.


4. Gun, mining, prosthetics encounter
Since he's known for portraying the traditional leading men roles, Direk Erik shared that John Lloyd had to learn how to use a gun and mining equipment for the film. It was apparently also the first time that John Lloyd had to have prosthetics placed on his face.


5. Expletives experience
Despite herself, Meryl shared that John Lloyd initially had a pretty tough time uttering all the expletives while they were still script reading.