Dawn Zulueta explains why the CharDawn love team is a hit

Dawn Zulueta explains why her husband Congressman Anton Lagdameo Jr. is not running in the 2016 elections


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11/10/2015 7:45 AM
Dawn Zulueta explains why the CharDawn love team is a hit

111015-DAWN.jpgOn Tonight with Boy Abunda, You’re My Home star Dawn Zulueta explained why she thinks her love team with Richard Gomez—called “CharDawn”—is such a hit. “Kasi maganda ang taste ng audience natin ngayon. Ang audience natin ngayon nagkakaroon sila ng diversity sa (pagpili ng) mga hinahangaan nila.” 

Dawn went on to explain that even young audiences don’t only idolize or follow someone their age. Dawn added that social media has something to do with this. “Mas malaki na rin ang mundo na ginagalawan natin because of social media. Ngayon mas nakikilala kami ng mga fans lalo na gaya ko I’m on Twitter and Instagram so I have the chance to touch them.”

Being the wife of a politician, Dawn was asked if she ever got used to the world of politics, Dawn admitted, “I never got used to it.” 

Host Boy Abunda also asked Dawn how she thinks politics is different from the world of showbiz. Dawn answered, “We don't affect commerce. We do not affect how much food or how little food people have on their table, unlike when you’re a politician na sumisilbi ka sa bayan. These things are expected of you, the basic needs ng mga tao kailangan mo mabigay sa kanila so parang mas mataas ang calling.”

Dawn also prefered “lights on” over lights off. Asked to choose between sex and chocolates, she said, “chocolates.” Asked for the last time she lied, the beautiful and elegant actress laughed and said, “just now.” Dawn also thinks the best time for sex is in the “afternoon.”