Amalia Fuentes relatives confirm she suffered a stroke

Amalia Fuentes’ grandchildren confirmed that she suffered from a stroke in Seoul, Korea.



11/9/2015 1:28 AM
Amalia Fuentes relatives confirm she suffered a stroke

110815-amalia_PUSH.jpgIn a statement received by the Philippine Daily Inquirer from the Movie Queen Amalia Fuentes’ grandchildren Alyanna, Alfonso and Alissa Martinez, they disclosed that Amalia has suffered from an “ischemic stroke” last October 9 when she was in Seoul, South Korea for a vacation.

The Movie Queen’s friend found her at her hotel and immediately rushed her to a hospital “where she was placed in an intensive care unit” and after three weeks “her Korean doctors allowed her to travel back to the Philippines since her condition had stabilized already.”

Upon arriving in the Philippines, Amalia was immediately confined in “a Metro Manila hospital where she is currently receiving the best care possible.”

“We were informed by her doctors that she can hopefully leave the hospital in two weeks, she will continue her recuperation at home and will be undergoing extensive therapy soon after.”

Despite her condition, her family described her as “fine and stable.” They also asked for prayers for her speedy recovery.