Sam Milby admits he used to have a crush on Julia Montes

Sam Milby is the latest addition to the cast of ‘Doble Kara.’


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11/7/2015 9:01 AM
Sam Milby admits he used to have a crush on Julia Montes

110715-sammilby_PUSH.jpgAfter coming back from doing auditions in the US, Sam Milby said he considers 2015 a very fruitful year. He joins the cast of the afternoon soap Doble Kara this month playing the role of seminarian Sebastian who becomes close to Kara (played by Julia Montes). "It’s such a blessing talaga for me. Una, it’s ten years in the business tapos marami akong naging leading ladies for the ten years and heto na first time na magkasama kami ni Julia Montes and her career is really blooming so much. Ang daming puri sa acting niya, napakagaling talaga. For me to be to be able to work with her for the first time din, I just feel extremely blessed sobra for this opportunity,” he admitted.

Even with a big age gap, Sam admitted he is confident he and Julia can make their onscreen pairing work. "Actually that’s why I feel really blessed. First off, she’s very young. Maybe an 11-year gap. But she’s someone that even though she’s younger, even before she portrays really mature roles at a young age. And that’s what makes her an amazing actress. She’s able to get those emotions at a very young age, she’s still able to bring that out. It’s really nice that I get to work with her even though she’s much younger, she’s already a very established and a very amazing actress. I think she’ll definitely be one of the most important actresses of this time,” he shared.

Sam said that even though he just started taping scenes with her this week, he already looks forward to the working experience. "I’m very, very excited to work with her. I watched her dati sa Mara Clara days and ang galing galing niya kahit bago pa siya. She’s really good as an actress so I think marami akong matututunan from her. I think what’s nice about Julia also is that we’ve never worked together but we know each other naman. We see each other sa ASAP at sa mga events. And I can see that we’re going to have fun with this and we have good, natural chemistry din. Masaya lang,” he added.
110715-sammilby_PUSH.jpgThe Doble Kara actor couldn’t help but share how much he admires his new leading lady even before they even met in person. "Totoo nung Mara Clara days crush ko si Julia. Nung nalaman ko na bata siya so wala. But she was my crush before. It’s nice to be working with her for the first time. I look forward to getting to know her more. I’ve always seen her as napakabait and I would really like to know more about the person’s life din so it’s just really great to hear that we’re going to be together all the time. It’s going to be nice to get close and just learn more about her background and siyempre to learn from her as an actress din. For he fact that she’s still young but she’s able to portray very mature roles din. Which each person you work with, marami kang matututunan. It’s a give and take,” he said.

Even though he is currently dating a non-showbiz girl, Sam said there will be no issue if he starts being linked to Julia. "No, I’m not worried. If that does push through, I’m sure she would understand naman. This is work,” he says. The Kapamilya actor also declined to share any more details about the new woman in his life. "It’s too early and I don’t really want to share too much ng masyadong maaga. I’m inspired naman. That’s all I want to share because it’s too early. It’s way too early that’s why I don’t want to share too much. Of course I don’t think I would pursue a girl kung wala akong nakikitang future (with her) di ba?” he explained. Sam did admit that he would like for her to meet his parents already.

Sam has kept a relatively low-key love life for the past few years, dating outside of showbiz. "It’s always been my preference. I think after the last (relationship) this has been my preference na I would like it to be non-showbiz. To separate yung personal life and yung work. Pero you can’t choose kung sino ka-love team or katrabaho, magkikita kayo everyday. If something develops you can’t help it naman. But it’s always my preference for five years na sana non-showbiz para mas tahimik and mas separate yung dalawang world na yun. When it comes to that, hindi naman plinano. It just happens di ba?” he shared.