Kapamilya Spotlight: Kuya's Angels in the Last Decade

Kapamilya Spotlight: Kuya's Angels in the Last Decade-EJ Salut
EJ Salut


11/07/2015 02:26 AM
Kapamilya Spotlight: Kuya's Angels in the Last Decade

Aside from the regular housemates, teens, and celebrities who have entered the Pinoy Brother House since its premiere in 2005, the reality show has also brought into the limelight the PBB hosts and presenters. They were Kuya's support and assistants as the whole production showcases the lives of the Filipinos living inside the house.

Kuya's Angels, the collective of Mariel Rodriguez, Toni Gonzaga, and Bianca Gonzalez, was the show's most important group of hosts. They alternated between the primetime telecast and late night edition, dressed up in glorious gowns for the Big Nights, and, ultimately, became the connection of the PBB House to the outside world.

It has now been 10 years and each of the trio has hyphenated names. Following the reunion of Kuya's Angels in the eve of the PBB 737 Big Weekend, let's take a look at the PBB life of each.

Good Morning! Tonight on PBB737 is the reunion of Kuya's Angels!!! ??????

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Toni Gonzaga-Soriano

Toni started hosting PBB as soon as the first season hit the primetime slot. The evening telecast chronicled the events of the previous day unless an episode is broadcasted live. She also co-hosted the eviction nights of PBB Season 1 along with Willie Revillame and Mariel. Toni is a mainstay throughout the whole decade of the Pinoy Big Brother except for the Teen Edition, which she only hosted for the Big Night.

She became the second houseguest after Mariel during the PBB Celebrity Edition 2 in 2007. She stayed inside the house for four days after a series of tasks including hosting a slumber party for the housemates. She also accompanied housemate Riza to the outside world following the murder of the housemate's nephew.

Toni Gonzaga as Guest Housemate

Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla

Along with Toni, Mariel has been with PBB right from the start until she left the show in 2010. For both the first regular season and the Celebrity Edition, she hosted the late night edition called the Pinoy Big Brother: Uplate, which gives updates on what viewers may have missed from the primetime telecast and what to expect the next day. She then hosted the primetime telecast in place of Toni for the Teen Edition.

During the Celebrity Edition 2, Mariel became the first houseguest of the season. She became Kuya's extra pair of eyes and ears inside the house. She stayed from Day 4 until Day 77 of the edition. She also took the place of Big Brother himself on Day 57.

Her return to the house in the last week of PBB 737 became an emotional one as Kuya refreshed her memories as Kuya's Angel. She became the celebrity house guest and reunited with Bianca and Toni last night.

Mariel Rodriguez returns to Kuya's House

Bianca Gonzalez-Intal

Unlike Mariel and Toni, Bianca started out as a housemate herself during the first celebrity edition in 2006. She stayed until Day 56 and became the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 1 3rd Placer. Her moniker was "Y Speaker of the House" after the show which she used to host titled "Y Speak."


By the show's third installment and first teen season, the former housemate became a host and took over Mariel for Teen Edition: Update and PBB: Uplate. She also hosted the spin-off show called Uber for the second celebrity edition of PBB in 2007.

A mainstay of PBB, she temporarily left the show last month for the birth of her daughter with JC Intal.

After last night's reunion, should Kuya's Angels host another edition of Pinoy Big Brother together?