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Five reasons why you should give 'A Second Chance' a fighting chance

What becomes of Basha and Popoy after tying the knot?


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11/5/2015 7:45 AM
Five reasons why you should give 'A Second Chance' a fighting chance


But, while most netizens thought that the sequel is long overdue and is something that is still worth waiting for, there are those who believe that there shouldn't be another chance for Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz) and Basha (Bea Alonzo).

Simply put, they are seemingly reluctant to give A Second Chance a fighting chance. Despite the few negative feedback, we still think One More Chance has to have a sequel due to the following reasons.


1. We need to know why Popoy and Basha’s happiness seem to be short-lived.
We all know that they gave love another chance and, thanks to the teaser, we found out that they eventually got married. But what we need to know is what happened between the time that they got together to the point before their exchanged “I dos.” Since it was shown in the trailer, we also need to know why Popoy and Basha’s relationship, this time marriage, appeared to be crumbling once again. Have they not learned anything from the past?


2. What happens after they got their big wedding
They’ve uttered what sounded like the sweetest vows of companionship and undying love in one part of the teaser, but were they real or fake? Did they really mean that they would stand by each other especially since, based on the first teaser, Basha and Popoy were already fighting over what sounded like a petty issue of paying the bills. We know that married life is just a starting point to another chapter, but we want to know how would Basha and Popoy handle their marrage.


3. What happened to Popoy and Basha’s barkada
We all know for a fact that Janus del Prado’s character Chinno had his personal heartbreak back in the 2007 movie while Dimples Romana’s character Krizzy had a happy life with her husband, but surely a lot has changed between and among all of them as friends over the years. What would their characters be like? Will their roles once again greatly influence Basha and Popoy’s lives as they did before?


4. Did Popoy and Basha change for the better?
A huge factor why Popoy and Basha parted ways during the first film was their irreconcilable differences. Popoy was controlling while Basha was a go-getter. We’re curious if their characters, priorities, and way of thinking has changed after they got back together, throughout their married life or if they have stayed the same. Was Popoy able to embrace the strong-willed and career-driven Basha or not? Lastly, if we’d follow what the teaser implies, will Popoy and Basha give each other a second chance?


5. John Lloyd and Bea alone
Bankable love team Bea and John Lloyd’s last film together was The Mistress in 2012. That was three years ago. To some, it would seem short but for the ardent fans of this love team, those three years were more than enough to miss them on the big screen. So, what better way for their tandem to break their big screen hiatus than to star on the sequel of one of their most popular films to date?