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Georgina Wilson on why she won't join showbiz: ‘I get camera shy’

The “Asia's Top Model” host will spend Christmas in Europe with Anne Curtis, Solenn Heussaff and Isabelle Daza.


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12/1/2015 12:11 AM
Georgina Wilson on why she won't join showbiz: ‘I get camera shy’

113015-georginawilson_PUSH.jpgAs one of the country's top models, Georgina Wilson admitted she has a sweet tooth and still enjoys indulging in chocolates. "I'm all about putting in the time and then rewarding (myself). My friends and I we work out every day.  Sometimes I work out with Belle (Daza) or with Solenn (Heussaff) and we live our lives so that we can enjoy. I think life is more pleasurable and fulfilling when you're rewarding yourself after working hard for it so it's really about balance. And like any woman, I get chocolate cravings (laughs)," she shared during the launch of the new Hershey's Kisses Deluxe held last November 26 at Bonifacio High Street in Taguig. 

During the event, Georgina also revealed she is looking forward to flying to Argentina for the holidays with Solenn Heussaff, Anne Curtis and Isabelle Daza.

"Well I'll be going with my friends, Solenn, Anne and Belle so I think it will be such a fun because we're so busy all the time. Like I don't get time to see them as much as I'd like. So it would be such a nice, relaxing trip to bring in the New Year," she said. 

Even with the complete attendance of their barkada for the trip, Georgina denied that the trip is actually for Solenn's wedding, which the bride-to-be has been tight-lipped about when asked for details. 

"No. It's funny that they're like speculating and stuff. I think those things are also quite personal. When she wants to share I think that even though she's a public figure I think there are a lot of things that should be kept private if they want. Some people choose to share some people don't," she stated. 

Georgina added there has always been a longstanding invitation to go from Solenn because her fiancé is Argentinian. "Because she's been bugging me all those years so I finally booked a ticket!”

Georgina shared what's in store for them during the Christmas break. 

"Everything against what we normally do, so like no shopping, no chilling (laughs). We're like hiking, horseback riding, going on glaciers, just really like outdoor adventure style. I'm looking forward to showing my friends that kaya ko rin because especially the boys, they think na hindi kaya ni George. Excuse me, I grew up on a farm. So they think, like, hindi ko kaya mag-rough it up with the boys. Like being the excursion-ey, outdoorsy type," she said. 
On the other hand, even with her BFF's Anne, Solenn and Belle are all in showbiz, the Fil-British host-model divulged why she does not feel compelled to follow their career paths. 

"I just don't think I can with my personality. I get camera shy. It's something that they're really good at and even if I wanted to right now, I'm very hands on with my business so I really don't have the time even for launches and stuff it's like I have to rush around town trying to get everything done. Even when Belle was on Eat Bulaga, I didn't have time to watch TV. I wish I had time," she explained. 

Georgina said it's enough for her to be supportive of her pals in the industry like towards another good friend, stylist Liz Uy, who recently filed a case against Fashionpulis blogger Michael Sy Lim. 

"I supported also. I posted a long message. If I was free that day I would've gone also definitely. We all backed her and stuff, that doesn't bring any good like cyber bullying should be stopped and shouldn't be tolerated. I'm very proud of Liz for really taking a stand for everyone in the industry. I have a long post about it," she commented.