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Gerald Anderson on Maja Salvador: ‘We’ve fought so many wars together’

Gerald Anderson has moved on from his relationship with Maja Salvador.


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11/4/2015 5:07 AM
Gerald Anderson on Maja Salvador: ‘We’ve fought so many wars together’

110315-GERALD_main.jpgOn Tonight with Boy Abunda, Gerald Anderson talked about his plans on his work life and shared intimate details on his private life.

In her previous interview, Maja shared that she’s close with Gerald’s mom who even took care of her. Gerald shared, “Tito Boy, yung Mom ko is very Filipina. Kung baga, conservative yung values niya iba, probinsyana pa. She found a way, siya po mismo ang nag-effort para maging close sila at magkaroon ng bond.”

Maja also previously shared that she and Gerald ran across each other backstage of ASAP, and that he hugged her, and that they’re starting to talk again. Having said that, the host asked, “Are you comfortable being friends with your exes?” The actor said that the scenario three or five years ago would have been different. Gerald even admitted, “Kasi iba po yung pag-iisip ko noon - immature, stupid, pride. (But now) Tito Boy, kung mayroon pong opportunity to say something, make things better, I would.”

110315-GERALD_main.jpgThe host then could not help but mention his previous relationship with Kim Chiu. The actor was then asked, “Did you get the chance to talk to Kim also?” He replied, “You forget the past but never forget the lessons, di ba? Be friends with Kim? Of course.”

Pero napag-usapan nyo? Are you the type who would go back and actually talk about things?” the host interjected. Gerald then said, “If I had the chance, Tito Boy, of course po. I mean Tito Boy magkasama kaming nagsimula sa lahat nang ito. It’s our 10th anniversary (in showbiz) next year.”

Despite admitting that he’s moved on from his previous relationships and has found closure, the actor is not ready to get into another relationship and fall in love again anytime soon. Gerald shared, “Nakakandado pa (ang aking puso). Hindi ho, Tito Boy, because I don’t want to be the same partner I was before. I want to be a better partner, a better person. Siguro it’s just going to take time. I’m learning from all the failure, yung mga mali na nagawa ko.” 

On the segment Fast Talk, the actor was asked to describe in three words the next person he is to fall in love with. The actor said, “Beautiful, simple and maalaga.” When asked for his preference between lights on and off, the actor replied, “Lights on, kailangan kong makita.

Lastly the actor was asked to choose between sex and chocolates. Gerald firmly said, “There’s no comparison: Sex.”