Pastillas Girl Angelica Jane Yap’s mother gunned down

Teresita Yap was shot by an unidentified gunman.


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11/30/2015 2:52 AM
Pastillas Girl Angelica Jane Yap’s mother gunned down

113015-pastillasmother_PUSH.jpgTeresita Yap, mother of It’s Showtime’s Pastillas Girl Angelica Jane Yap, was shot dead by an unidentified gunman in Caloocan City on Sunday late in the evening.

The news was first broken into the media by ANC anchor Raine Musngi via her Twitter account. 


“This just in: The mother of 'Pastillas Girl', Teresa Yap, dies due to a gunshot wound to the head. Pronounced dead at Chinese General Hospital. Relatives say she received death threats weeks before. Report by Kevin Manalo,” she posted.

A follow up report by ABS-CBN News revealed that Teresita or Teteng sustained a gunshot wound at the back of her head.

The report added that Teresita was with one of her daughters and her niece while on their way to grab a meal at Tagaytay Street in Caloocan when a man suddenly approached and shot her.

Darla Sauler, claimed on her blog, that the gunman who was wearing a helmet fled the scene aboard a motorcycle after the incident. 

Fortunately, the ABS-CBN News report noted that the entire incident was caught on the closed-circuit television (CCTV) of Barangay 131 even if the gunman fled the scene. 

According to one of Teresita’s relatives, Tumping Fabian, she has apparently receiving “a lot of death threats via text message” lately, which says that she won’t last until Christmas.

He added that while the threats worried her, Teresita just brushed them off.

It may be recalled that Teresita appeared on It’s Showtime a couple of months ago and admitted that she got hurt by all the negative remarks being hurled towards her daughter, who at that time was in search for her “Mr. Pastillas.” 

She even asserted that, contrary to speculations, she’s not pimping her daughter.

Angelica, for her part has yet to comment on the issue, but her followers were quick to condole with her soon as the news came out.