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Bagets Revisited: a look at one of the most iconic Filipino films of all time

Push takes a quick peek at the ‘80s phenomenon that was ‘Bagets.’



11/30/2015 3:26 AM
Bagets Revisited: a look at one of the most iconic Filipino films of all time

Photo credit to manillenials.com

Once in a while, a movie comes along that defines a generation. For ‘80s kids, that movie was Bagets. The teenage drama-comedy film was a groundbreaking for its time, tackling themes that were sure to raise eyebrows back in the day.

The idea of Bagets came from the late Douglas Quijano who had wanted a movie about teens obsessing about things important to teens. Bagets also started a fashion trend with layered clothes and shocking color combinations. The movie also had a soundtrack that was also phenomenally successful, spawning hits like Gary Valenciano’s “Growing Up.”

The movie originally premiered at the Greenhills Theater in February 1984. There were so many people that the lines snaked their way around the shopping complex up to Club Filipino where the cast was holed up.

And the stars of the Bagets? They’ve come a long way since wearing those layered shirts and mix and match Chuck Taylors.

William Martinez
William played the role of Tonton, the kuya of the group. Tonton starts out being more concerned about being with the in crowd than he does about his grades. While he’s the eldest one in their barkada, he still had a bit of growing up to do especially when it came to relationships. All that changes when he gets involved in a terrible accident and loses the love of his life.

Then 21-year-old William met just-turned-16 Yayo Aguila on the set of Bagets. He and Yayo got married, had four kids, and eventually separated after 25 years. William suffered a stroke some years ago, but is slowly getting back into showbiz.

If there were a remake: If they were to do a remake of Bagets, then Gerald Anderson could pull off this role as the de facto leader of a young barkada.

Daniel Padilla has the same kuya vibe and in his interviews he’s shown how much of a doting brother he is to his younger siblings. If he were a few years older, he could have worked.

JC Bonnin
JC played Topee, the son of a movie star mom who had little time for him. Maybe he was searching for a mother figure which us why he ends up in the arms of a much older woman.

JC had a successful career after Bagets, but it didn’t last long. By 1987, JC left showbiz when he got involved in alcohol and drugs and he found the need to search for a deeper meaning in life.

JC became a pastor based in London, got married to a British woman with whom he has seven kids. JC is now a single parent raising his kids in the US where he continues his work for a non-denominational church.

If there were a remake: Jerome Ponce could play the young Topee. He’s got that shy, innocent boy smile down pat.

Herbert Bautista
Herbert played Gilbert, a boy from a lower middle class family whose very enterprising mother would sell anything and everything to make an extra peso. He dreams of the girl next door and hopes to win her heart.

Herbert managed to parlay his showbiz career into a fruitful political one. Starting out as part of youth organizations, he eventually made his way to vice mayor then mayor of Quezon City.

If there were a remake: Robi Domingo could play Gilbert but he has preferred to concentrate on hosting more than acting for now. While he’s not an actor yet, Jimboy Martin could totally play a boy who grows up in the streets.

Aga Muhlach
Then 14-year old Aga played Adie who also had a dalliance with a much older woman. In one of the movie’s most iconic scenes, he learns the value of giving a foot massage in of all places, a swimming pool.

Bagets was the movie that launched Aga’s career. His be-dimpled smile, good looks, and dance moves launched a few more successful teen-oriented films before he took on more mature roles. In 1986, he became a father at 17 after it was revealed that he had gotten Janice de Belen pregnant. His career continue to flourish and he has remained an A-list actor to this day

If there were a remake: Enrique Gil also has the heart-melting smile and dance moves that made Aga a teen idol.

Raymond Lauchengco
Raymond played Arnel who loves classic movie and musicals. He’s a rich boy who falls in love with a girl from the wrong side of tracks.

Raymond’s career steered into a more musical direction, releasing several albums. He also sang one of the most popular songs from the Bagets soundtrack, “Farewell,” which has become a theme song of sorts for graduation ceremonies. He continues to perform in shows here and abroad.

He also does event direction for live and corporate affairs. He’s also launched a career in photography as well.

If there were a remake: Sam Concepcion could be this generation’s Arnel with his musical background. And if he were a lot older, Darren Espanto certainly has the vocal chops to carry out the role of a musical-loving teen as well.