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‘On the Wings of Love’ game developer details how she came up with ‘I Heart OTWOL’

‘I Heart OTWOL’ game developer admits love for JaDine and OTWOL was her reason for coming up with ‘I Heart OTWOL’



11/29/2015 5:05 AM
‘On the Wings of Love’ game developer details how she came up with ‘I Heart OTWOL’

112815-OTWOLAPP_main.jpgJoyce Macaspac, a self-proclaimed hardcore fan of James Reid and Nadine Lustre (JaDine) took her admiration to a whole new level; she made a game application for their series On the Wings of Love (OTWOL). In an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN.com, Joyce shared how the app “I Heart OTWOL” came about.

She admitted that of all the love teams out there, she chose JaDine because she’s been a fan for so long.

JaDine kasi ever since JaDine fan ako so nung nag-transfer sila sa ABS-CBN tapos nag start na sila ng On the Wings of Love lalo akong naging hardcore JaDine fan and now OTWOLista ng solid. So I came up with the game after ng episode na ‘Most Approved Kiss’ sa sobrang energy ko non I need to release it sa super kilig. Tapos nag try akong mag search sa Google kung meron silang app and then kung meron na silang game tapos wala pa so I decided to do something for them.”

She also added that her motivation to make the app was because of “Love lang, I mean it’s pretty cliché pero for the love talaga for JaDine and OTWOL.”

When asked about her background on game developing, she admitted that she used to teach Information Technology College students until she decided to form her own group that specifically works on web, mobile, and game developing.

“Actually I used to teach sa University, [I was a] college professor for I.T. (Information Technology) nung 2014 I decided to form my own group for development so we do web development, mobile development and game development. So itong kay ‘On the Wings of Love’ it’s totally apart from our projects, parang ano lang talaga isang araw isang gabi wala akong magawa, ‘Okay sige, gawa ako for JaDine.’”

She then shared the story on how her app reached Dreamscape Entertainment.

“Journey niya (of the app) actually matagal kasi ‘Most Approved Kiss’ ‘di ba. Kasi I think we had the opportunity to meet Ms. Bernadette Sembrano dito sa ABS (-CBN) at alam kong OTWOLista siya so pinakita ko ‘yung game sa kanya. Pinakilala niya ako sa Dreamscape and then ‘yun dun nagstart.

“‘Yung editing, ‘yung game assets na nanggaling na sa Dreamscape mga ano lang siguro one week pero ‘yung development per se since meron na akong logic na prepared doon it only took me six hours.”

Joyce also recalled her first meeting with her biggest idols James and Nadine.

“Yes, sa ‘Spread the Love’ tour and they were able to play the prototype so ‘yung reaction ni Nadine tsaka ni James priceless hindi ko nga alam ‘yung feeling na gusto mo nang umiyak that time. Ang bait-bait nila sobra.”

In the end she said that she didn’t do the app for monetary purposes, she just did it simply because she loves JaDine and OTWOL.