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EXCLUSIVE: Epy Quizon on Alma Moreno's ANC interview: ‘I felt bad for Tita Ness’

Epy Quizon hopes Alma Moreno can be given another chance to redeem herself.


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11/28/2015 5:05 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Epy Quizon on Alma Moreno's ANC interview: ‘I felt bad for Tita Ness’

112715-epi1_main.jpgAs part of the #MakeTimeForDad campaign which aims to spread awareness of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD, Epy Quizon hoped to spread the word about the same disease that his father Dolphy succumbed to in 2012. "This is the COPD Awareness Month and this is why GSK has actually come up with a Make Time For Dad campaign to create awareness. It's not just for dads, it's for everyone who's experiencing shortness of breath. If you are, please consult a doctor. If you have the symptoms of COPD consult a doctor kasi karamihan sa mga Pilipino iniinda nila yung sakit at nararamdaman nila, hindi nila alam may COPD na pala sila and I just want to be part of the advocacy so that Filipinos can be aware of the sickness," he told Push.

Epy, who is also part of the upcoming movie Angela Markado, admitted that after playing the role of national hero Apolinario Mabini in Heneral Luna, he is not bothered by the shift in character as a rapist in the new revenge-themed film. "I've done rapist roles before sa TV, for movies, but I am just an actor. I do not choose roles. I do not think that roles kill the actor, it's the actor that kills himself. Probably I'm so used to waking up in the morning and shifting to the character I have to be in as the day progresses. Shifting to a character is the probably the name of the game here in the industry in the Philippines wherein you don't really have the luxury to focus on one character for several months so you really have to know to morph into the character," he explained during the #MakeTimeForDad event spearheaded by GlaxoSmithKline and the Philippine College of Chest Physicians held last November 26 at Makati Shangri-la hotel in Makati.

"Actually I felt bad for Tita Ness. But we know for a fact that Tita Ness is not really fluent in English. She's not really that well versed in English. Maybe if she can do the interview again in Tagalog, maybe that would be a different thing we'll see. All I know is that Ness has a good heart. She's a public servant with a good heart. Aminado naman siya she's not really that educated but that doesn't mean she can't run for office," he admitted.

When it comes to how Karen Davila conducted the interview, Epy believed she was just fulfilling her duty as a program host. "She was doing her job so I don't think it was her fault. I mean, if you look at it she did try to make it light but of course the thing is, I think it would be best for them to talk about it again probably in Tagalog di ba? Si Ate Ness medyo hirap talaga siya sa English alam naman natin yan. Alam naman natin yan ever since before. So kung yung interview ginawa sa Tagalog baka mas maganda ang kinalabasan di ba?" he added.