Dawn Chang and Zeus Collins admit getting indecent proposals

Dawn Chang shares how love team with Zeus Collins started

Dawn Chang and Zeus Collins admit getting indecent proposals-Cristina Malonzo-Balane
Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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11/27/2015 08:50 AM
Dawn Chang and Zeus Collins admit getting indecent proposals
112715-dawnzues_main.jpgOn Tonight with Boy Abunda, the electrifying dance tandem of Dawn Chang and Zeus Collins candidly opened up about their love team and the indecent proposals they’ve been getting.

Having been a part of Pinoy Big Brother 737, Dawn shared the best lesson she’s learned from her stay in the house of Kuya. “Magpakatotoo, and okay lang yun, kahit hindi ka perpekto.”

The duo’s love for dancing was evident inside the PBB house; did their love team happen naturally as a result of their passion for dancing?

“I’d say yes po. It wasn’t planned at all kasi binigyan lang po kami noon ng task ni kuya na mag choreograph sa (kantang) ‘Love Me Like You Do.’ Wala pa po yun, as in super professional namin sa social media room, as in okay ganito, okay go. Yun lang po tapos sinayaw namin siya, inintindi po naming yung lyrics, inintindi po namin yung feel nung kanta, lumabas na lang po siya naturally,” Dawn shared.

The host then asked Zeus if he was attracted to Dawn the first time they met. Zeus, who is currently single, was quick to answer. “Meron po. Nakuryente po ako kay Dawn. Kasi po sexy at maganda si Dawn.”

On their reaction to the clamor of the people for them to be a couple in real life, Zeus admitted, “Sa akin, pag sinasabi yun, masaya, parang gusto ko rin, ganoon.”

Meanwhile, Dawn, who is currently still together with her Australian boyfriend, said, “Siyempre po masaya po na may nakaka-appreciate nung kaming dalawa,” referring to her chemistry and love team with Zeus.

On another note, Dawn admitted to be on the receiving end of indecent proposals. “I do. To be honest, wherever I go, Australia or Hong Kong or Philippines, I do get it, I don’t know.”

The host then clarified, “Because of your dancing or the way you are?”

“I think the way I am. As in, for example, medyo subtle pa nga, as in, ‘what do you want in life? You know, I can give you whatever you want, as long as you’re going to be with me.’ They’re trying to para magmukhang ligaw but…,” Dawn disclosed.

Zeus related, “Meron din po, yung mga gay po nagpo-propose po sa akin ng mga ganoon pero ginagalang ko naman po. Siyempre, masakit sa akin, kasi minsan sinasabi nila, ‘Magkano ka, magkano ka ba?’ Hindi ko na lang po pinapansin.”

The duo also admitted to being comfortable when people are attracted to them or as the host would say, “mayroong pagnanasa ang tao.” Dawn acknowledged, “Well, I think we can’t control people’s minds. So kahit naman, whether we’re sexy or not, Zeus and Dawn, or ibang tao, mayroon at mayroon pa rin pong..

“I like that. You can’t control what people think about you, what you can control is how you handle how people think about you,” the host interposed.