Vandolph Quizon: Karen humiliated my mom on national TV

Vandolph Quizon finally speaks up about Alma Moreno’s interview with Karen Davila.



11/26/2015 4:16 AM
Vandolph Quizon: Karen humiliated my mom on national TV

112515-vandolph_main.jpgAfter senatorial candidate Alma Moreno’s interview with ANC’s “Headstart” host Karen Davila went viral, her son Vandolph Quizon, who’s running for councilor in Parañaque came to her defense.

In an interview with Ms. Dolly Anne Carvajal of the Inquirer, he defended his mother and said Karen humiliated her on national TV.

“Karen should not choose whom to respect. She should treat her guests equally. The way she interviewed my mom was different,” he stated

The actor added his mom is not like other politicians who are sweet talkers but corrupt.

“Karen humiliated my mom on national TV. She kept pounding [on her]. She let my mom get rattled. My mom deserves to be respected because she is the chair of PCL (Philippine Councilors League), and she has been serving the country for so long. My mom is … [a person of] action and not just words. Some politicians are good speakers. They sweet-talk us to the point that they fool us and do corrupt things. My mom is not like them!” Vandolph commented.