Five love lessons to learn from 'A Second Chance'

Popoy and Basha return to teach us lessons about married life.


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11/25/2015 12:18 PM
Five love lessons to learn from 'A Second Chance'


One of the biggest questions about A Second Chance since its announcement months back is that, was if it would live up to its predecessor One More Chance. The chemistry between John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo is still there, as strong as ever in a story that does not disappoint.

Popoy and Basha’s relationship is a far cry from the idyllic and fairy-tale like romance that they had in One More Chance. But then, there is more to learn about relationships in the sequel. Here are five love lessons from A Second Chance.

1. Second chances don't always guarantee a perfect relationship.


Just when we thought that Popoy and Basha's lives would be blissful after getting their much-wanted second chance during the first film, things suddenly turn sour after their "honeymoon" period. What started as a loving marriage became marred with deceit, disconnection, and distrust.

2. There's a very thin line between not wanting to hurt your loved one and letting your ego take over.


Many could easily write off Popoy as the same old controlling and egotistical person he once was on One More Chance in A Second Chance just by judging how he hid the losses of their construction firm from his own co-owner and wife Basha.

But if you would see through his actions, hear out his reasons, and feel his own disappointment about his failures, the intention to shield her from any disappointment after a "major incident" could be passed off as valid.

3. The words you don't say often say a lot.


This was best shown at the most heart-wrenching moment of the film, where Popoy broke down in front of Basha and admitted that he had long wanted to share with her what had been happening with their company. However, he pointed out that he couldn't stand seeing or even feeling the unspoken disappointment that Basha would've made him feel had he told her the truth.

4. While being apart makes one realize what they've lost, being together makes you wonder what you could've missed.


In One More Chance, all that Popoy wanted was to get Basha back. But when they got together in A Second Chance, Popoy, what with their marital problems, started entertaining "what ifs.”

With the arrival of his former colleague Ara in the picture, played by Arci Munoz, his questions even intensified.

He longed for the opportunities he lost, the travels he could've made and the achievements he could've completed had he not chosen to be with Basha and opted to work overseas.

5. Forever, as with love, is not an abstract thought but is a choice.


People have rooted for Basha and Popoy ever since they got back together in One More Chance, which is why it became quite unsettling to see the first trailers of A Second Chance where Popoy points out to Basha that maybe they should have just parted ways and not gotten back together.

The teaser alone was painful enough, which made the entire scene in the film with the same line almost unbearable.

But the most refreshing thing was, Basha didn't let go this time. She was the one who held on even if it was painful. She was the one who made a choice to make their "forever" and their wedding vows a reality even if it meant setting aside her own emotions.