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Andi Eigenmann says why Jake Ejercito is the ‘father of Ellie ever since’

Andi Eigenmann denies she said Albie Casino is Ellie’s father.

Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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11/25/2015 08:36 AM
Andi Eigenmann says why Jake Ejercito is the ‘father of Ellie ever since’
112515-andi2_main.jpgOn Tonight with Boy Abunda, Andi Eigenmann opened up on her highly intriguing and colorful love life.

The star of the upcoming remake of Angela Markado has been quoted to have said that “Jake (Ejercito) is the father of Ellie (her four year old daughter) ever since.” When asked what she meant by that, the actress clarified, “that ever since I was pregnant, it was Jake that has been there from the very beginning since day one. I wasn’t able to answer that question whenever people would ask me who the father of my daughter was and it was only because wala namang sasalo. Pero even if it resulted to me, I think, being looked at and judged in a very negative way, I had to, I had no choice. Wala, ganoon na e. Pero it doesn’t mean that there was no one there that has been there from the very beginning. It has always been Jake. I’ve never said Albie (Casiño), not once.”

If Ellie would ask her who her father is years from now, Andi would say, “I will just tell her the truth: the truth which I don’t really have to share to the public because my daughter and Jake are not really celebrities naman per se. So hindi ko kailangang ibahagi ang mga buhay nila, mga personal na detalye ng mga buhay nila sa publiko. Pwedeng ako na lang yung pag-usapan.”

Since the actress mentioned Albie’s name during the interview, the host could not help but ask, with all due respect, as to why she would not want to talk about him.

“I don’t know because he always talks about us. I don’t talk about him. So I don’t know where the, although a while ago I was told that he said on the news na, ‘I didn’t say that, it didn’t come from me, I just get asked.’ So okay, then I understand that. I never dragged him into anything whenever I’m interviewed naman. Wala naman akong sinasabing SIYA,” Andi shared.

On whether or not the actress is open to being friends with Albie, she said, “the thing is we were friends. We were friends until he started talking about me. So I said, ‘what happened? Why couldn’t he have just asked me?’ So medyo na hurt ako. Pero at the same time it’s okay. I mean we’ve moved on and we’ve had separate lives for six, seven years already.”

Andi also shared that she is currently in a love with a non-showbiz guy who just graduated from school. “I’ve finally have learned to move on. I’ve realized that I have to start doing things for myself, that I should be better and that the right person, the right man, will come along when the time is right.”

One important lesson that Andi has learned so far in love is that, “Bago ka magmahal ng iba, dapat matuto ka munang magmahal ng sarili mo higit sa lahat. Hindi mo pwedeng kalimutan yun, yung sarili mo dapat yun ang mauuna. Kasi kung kinakalimutan mo na yun, yung pagmamahal mo sa sarili, you won’t be able to get that from the other person.”