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Six things to love about Nikki Gil and BJ Albert’s wedding

Nikki Gil finally finds The One at the ‘Right Time’


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11/24/2015 10:43 AM
Six things to love about Nikki Gil and BJ Albert’s wedding


Apart from her friends and family, a lot of netizens also shared the joy that Nikki Gil was able to finally find her own happily ever after in the person of BJ Albert.

But while their love story is enviable in itself, a good number of moments during their big day that are worth a nod of approval, a sigh of amazement, and a good laugh.

1. The Hashtag

We have seen the cute wordplay-turned-official-hashtag #KnottingGil spreading around for weeks and even months before their big day. The hashtag it played on the title of a popular British rom-com Notting Hill starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts and Nikki’s last name. Change Notting to Knot, which is derived from “tying the knot” and voila, Nikki had a unique hashtag. Of course there’s another person who could use it in the business to find his own Forevermore but that’s a little too far off as of the moment as he’s still somewhat young.

2. The Entourage Photo

We’ve seen Nikki’s playful side day in, day out for a couple of years now as a MYX VJ so it was really no surprise when her entourage—composed of friends from inside and outside showbiz like Iya Villania-Arellano, Shaina Magdayao, Djanin Cruz, Bianca Roque-Brandner, and Patty Laurel-Filart—gamely did a gangsta photo op. They just nailed it together with their powder pink dresses, make up and all.

3. The Wedding Video Song

Videographer Jason Magbanua is known for making make millions of women tear up over his masterpieces. But what he did with Nikki and BJ’s just goes down the books. In a post on his Instagram account, Jason shared that he tapped musician Johnoy Danao to create a song for the Albert’s wedding which was aptly titled “Right Time.” You’ll have to listen to the song to feel every word that spoke of how love can cover all the pain in the past at the right time.

4. The Vows

As if the song wasn’t heart-melting enough, Jason chose to include beautiful lines from Nikki and BJ’s wedding vows which made everyone just heave a sigh of happiness for them. 

BJ’s vow actually opened the video as he said, “God gave me someone beautiful inside and out. God gave me exactly what I needed. Someone who puts him first and reminds me to do the same. I can’t believe he had this all planned out even before the first day I set my eyes before you in school when I was too torpe to go up to you and introduce myself.

“I promise to be your biggest fan, your biggest supporter for whatever it is that you want to do. I promise to hold your hand when we fight, to listen to you and to always strive to be better,” BJ’s vow further read.

Nikki’s vows went, “You have quickly become my everything and I am sometimes left wondering how I could have possibly done without you all those years. There are days when I wish I’d known you earlier, but I know that God makes all things beautiful in His time,” she said.

But what got a lot of girls tearing up a bit was the last portion of her vow which read as: “I’m excited to make memories with you, to cook for you, to travel with you to play video games with you, put up Christmas trees with you, change diapers, change careers, learn new things. But even if none of these things we hope for turn out the way we want rest assured that I will love you, everyday until we’re old and gray.”

5. The After Party

Who needs a DJ when you have the groom ready to take the deck with his new wife on the side? Such is what seemed to have happened during the after party as documented by one of their guests.

6. The Honeymoon

Just when you think the couple would get some good quiet time together after their blurry and magical day, well, that wasn’t what happened to BJ and Nikki. As some of their friends decided to raid their room and even documented their deed.