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Charo Santos-Concio on the television medium at iEmmys: ‘It turns us into one big family’

Charo Santos-Concio cites the television as the medium of empathy

Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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11/25/2015 07:36 AM
Charo Santos-Concio on the television medium at iEmmys: ‘It turns us into one big family’
112515-csc_main.jpgOn TV Patrol, in her speech as the gala chair of the 43rd International Emmy Awards, ABS-CBN CEO Charo Santos-Concio cited the power of television in bringing people together from all over the world and turning us into “one big family.” 

Santos-Concio also believed that through television we can showcase our country’s wealth and that is, “our strong family values and our resilience as a people.”

Santos-Concio is the first Philippine media executive invited to be the gala chair of the International Emmy Awards. Likewise, Kapamilya star Piolo Pascual is the first Filipino actor invited to be a presenter in the same prestigious international award-giving body. 

The two were welcomed well at the iEmmys and Pascual’s co-presenter, The Bold and the Beautiful star Karla Mosely even called Pascual “awesome and (like) so cute.” 

Here is a full transcription of Santos-Concio’s speech: 

“Welcome to the 43rd International Emmy awards. I am thrilled to be your gala chair this year. The International Emmy Awards does not only celebrate television excellence from all over the globe. It also demonstrates the power of television as the medium of empathy, connection, and understanding among all peoples of the world. It does not shrink the planet into one small village. It turns us into one big family.

“Television is the next best thing to meeting people and races in the flesh. When we get to know them more intimately, we begin to care about people and things that would otherwise be mere statistics. We begin to care about other peoples’ quest for love, pursuit of love, cry for justice, celebration for triumph or struggle for survival and the more we care, the less we fight. During dark days of terror, we come together in prayer, so the world far from falling apart is even inspired to unite. There will be fewer barriers between territories as we continue to erase the boundaries between platforms, devices, and screens. There are many more changes waiting to happen, technologies waiting to invented, lifestyles and consumption habits waiting to be experienced, stories waiting to be told. More heroes. More dreams.

“The Philippines is not yet a major player in the market, but many of our shows have been warmly welcomed in several territories, partly because more than ever, we are thriving in a globalized environment. We are grateful that through our content we can show the world the real wealth of our country. These are our strong family values and our resilience as a people. And we see no better way of achieving it than through television. So in all the years to come I will continue to admire the International Emmys for keeping television as the world’s meeting place. I will honor all of you professionals in this field: artists, journalists, executives, engineers and technicians, marketers, you are the world’s messengers of hope. Your work inspires us to become better persons, your work preserves and celebrates all things that make us human. Thank you and welcome to the worlds most important television event. “