Kris Aquino answers netizen who called her ‘cheap’

Kris Aquino answers netizen who called her ‘cheap’


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11/23/2015 8:55 AM
Kris Aquino answers netizen who called her ‘cheap’

112315-kris123.jpgKris Aquino didn’t mince her words when she answered a netizen who told her that she had “no relevant impact on APEC” on Sunday evening.

The said netizen even went as far as saying that Kris has only “cheapened” the entire summit for, according to him, she only took selfies and gathered attention towards her.

User Pete Clyde even attacked how Kris was raised by her parents by writing, “San ka ba nagmana hija, nakakahiya sa magulang mo.”

He continued, “Plus you criticize the Marcoses for their lifestyle ikaw din pala Imeldific. Hahaha, sa nakikita ko hindi sila naiiba.Mala-Marcos din pati yung pagtago ng mahihirap... wearing an evening gown in broad daylight and that body-hugging yellow dress in front of Jose Rizal’s statue, oh my. Can’t get any nouveau rich and cheaper than that.”
The Queen of All Media immediately addressed her basher whom she said only “deserved” a reply.

“I paid for everything I wore. I paid for the entertainment & decoration for the APEC Spouses’ lunch unlike yung binibida mo na nagnakaw sa Pilipinas—oh and I used the money I earned from SMDC’s parent/sister companies SM and SMarkets for those expenses.

“Oh, and 1 more thing I forgot, SMDC is lined up for a major portion buy in my show (Kris TV), so the nouveau rich & cheap girl you just attacked has been paid MILLIONS by the company you are a sales agent for—PROOF POSITIVE, BILOG ANG MUNDO,” she wrote.

Kris even taunted the netizen about the photos from the APEC lunch she organized saying that the photos are now up on her website With Love Kris Aquino “where SM HAS A BIG BANNER AD. So you’ll see.”

“AND I’LL be sure to make mention of how articulate you are to Ms. Tessie Sy Coson—she’s a textmate & take it from her, I’m not cheap at all,” she continued.

Tessie Sy-Coson is tycoon Henry’s Sy’s eldest child who is the chairman of SM Prime Holdings.
Her basher seemed to not have liked her mention of the SM Heiress and even pointed out “For the hell I care naman kung isumbong mo ako, di ba??? At sinabi mo talaga na textmate pa po kayo ni Madam Tessie Sy. Like… What??! So??!”
In response to her basher’s retort, Kris noted that she never threatened him.

“Please re-read what I wrote. I said nga that I’ll mention to TSC you’re articulate—tinakot na kita? Diba praise nga ang pagiging articulate?” she asked.

Kris further explained that she mentioned the SM executive for she has been part of their “family” for three years now as one of their endorsers.

“I see nothing wrong in anything I posted in reply to all your words,” she pointed out how she replied “with facts and honesty.”

In the end, the netizen apologized to Kris via direct message which she also posted on her Instagram account which she said led to a “peaceful resolution.”