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Gelli de Belen opens up on her relationship with husband Ariel Rivera

Gelli Belen answers if her separation with husband Ariel Rivera is true

Gelli de Belen opens up on her relationship with husband Ariel Rivera-Cristina Malonzo-Balane
Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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11/24/2015 07:30 AM
Gelli de Belen opens up on her relationship with husband Ariel Rivera
112415-gelli_main.jpgOn Tonight with Boy Abunda, Gelli de Belen talked about her steadfast relationship with husband Ariel Rivera. 
A few months ago, rumors were circulating that the host actress separated from her husband due to his busy schedule having been continuously part of various teleseryes. Gelli was quick to dispel these rumors. “Naku, obviously hindi! Maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw.” 

Having been in a long relationship for about 18 years, and being in the showbiz industry, Gelli is no longer affected by such rumors. “Let’s say may magtatanong sa akin na ganito, ako sanay. Si Ariel ang mas parang, ‘uy sinabi sa akin ng golf mates ko sabi daw hiwalay na tayo.’ Sabi ko, ‘oh ngayon?’ Sabi niya, ‘nag-aalala sila eh akala nila wala na talaga tayo.’ He had to explain talaga, ay ganyan talaga,” the actress shared. 

A lot of people are aware that Ariel is a bit OC or obsessive compulsive, and the host actress was asked whether or not it is a cause of domestic dispute.

Gelli shared, “Pag gamit niya, wag mo nang pakialaman. Siya na mag-aayos niyan, basta siya na bahala diyan. Yung nagiging source ng (away) namin, kasi siya ang nagba-balance ng pera, siya in charge doon. So kapag wala siya or may iniutos siya sa akin, let’s say sa checkbook, hindi ko na-skip yung first line na dapat i-skip ko sa page na iyon, mali na. Mali na lahat! So natataranta ako, ‘ay! Nakalimutan ko skip yung first line. Pupunitin ko o i-liquid paper ko.’ Tapos pag nakita niya, ‘nagkamali ka noh!’”

Gelli also shared that she and Ariel hardly fight and that she could not even remember the last time they did. When asked how they resolve their differences, she shared, “Let’s say naasar siya, dahil may ginawa ako or something, so ‘pag ako may kasalanan or ako yung at fault, ‘sorry sorry sorry, mali ako, mali ako, nagkamali ako,’ ganoon. And the same way with him.”

Boy Abunda interjected, “But he’s so quiet!

Gelli replied, “That’s what you think.” To which the actress and the host shared a laugh.

The host then asked how the couple keeps the fire burning in their relationship. “Hindi na kailangan ng apoy,” Geli countered. “Feeling ko kasi, it’s in a different level. It doesn’t have to be burning, it can just be, ano ba, percolating, simmering? It’s just there. Actually, it’s more lasting than burning. I think sa umpisa siguro pag you’re young and it’s the beginning of the relationship, you always want to keep the fire burning, but after a while, when you have children and you get to our age, na very very young pa naman, may ibang awareness of each other and awareness sa sarili mo na yung fire burning is not as important as it used to be. (… But) of course it still burns!

“Women will always want the best; the relationship to last, the husband is the king, that’s us women. But with the men, I’m just blessed that he wants the same in life; he wants the marriage to last. When he says that family is his priority, he means it. He doesn’t just say it. Yung talagang, he would drop everything,” Gelli added.

During the show’s Fast Talk segment, Gelli responded to the questions at a lightning pace. When asked, “sexiest man in the world?” She answered, “my husband!” When asked to choose between lights on or lights off: “off.” When asked to choose between sex and chocolates: “sex.”

“Best time for sex?”