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Seven times Kyla brought her musicality higher on 'Flying High'

Kyla earned a standing ovation after doing five minutes of scat.


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11/22/2015 10:34 AM
Seven times Kyla brought her musicality higher on 'Flying High'


Kyla’s 15th anniversary concert held at the KIA Theater on November 20 only validated that her years in the business have done well in elevating her musicality and transforming her into a more versatile performer.

The two-hour show within the packed venue had the fans in awe as Kyla performed songs from across major genres like pop, jazz, ballads, classics, and even dance hits.

It was, in simple terms, a concert fit for a return on the big stage by the Queen of R&B. Kyla was joined onstage by her special guests, namely R&B King JayR, King of Teleserye Theme Songs Erik Santos, Soul Supreme KZ, and The Total Performer Darren Espanto along with G-Force.

While the 16-song ensemble concert had been a showcase of the songs that made Kyla’s 15-year-journey special, there were some numbers that prove that she’s more than just a singer who sings R&B.

1.    Rapping with KZ


During Flying High, Kyla joined her guest KZ and successfully rapped certain parts of “That Thing” and “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You.”

2.    Acapella number of her hits


Kyla’s 15-year-journey in the business has brought about several hits such as “Beautiful Days,” “I Feel For You,” “Mahal Kita” and “Kunwa-Kunwari Lang,” among others. Instead of her full orchestra, Kyla opted to display her unfiltered voice by performing the aforementioned songs acapella.

3.    Kyla dancing to hits


During her concert’s press conference, Kyla joked with the media not to expect anything about her dance number since she’s really no dancer. But when the dance segment happened on the show to the tune pf the Beyonce and Destiny’s Child hits, Kyla’s cute dance moves seemed to have won the hearts of the crowd.
4.    “Hanggang Ngayon” 2015 version


There’s nothing like hearing Kyla sing her first-ever hit. What made that part special, on top of her wearing a pristine ball gown, was how she teared up after seeing the paper raised by the crowd which had a writing that says “Mahal ka naming Kyla #HanggangNgayon!”

5.    “Somewhere over the Rainbow” number


We all know that Kyla’s airy and raspy voice can soar really high but she’s not really the type to do it every so often so it’s always refreshing to hear her reach high notes flawlessly and exert so much power in her song.
6.    Kundiman number


According to Kyla, Nicanor Abelardo’s “Pakiusap” was a song that her parents have long been wanting to hear her perform. But since she used to think that it was too cheesy, she never dared to sing it ever. Until her Flying High concert where she sang the song in a very operatic manner.

7.    Five-minute straight scat


Kyla’s version of the 1969 Ella Fitzgerald classic “One Beat Samba” earned her the standing ovation. According to Kyla herself, she has long been wanting to sing the said song but feared that one, she won’t be able to complete it and two, that the crowd won’t enjoy the song.
However, Kyla was wrong as the crowd were left in awe as she did scat for almost five minutes straight.