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EXCLUSIVE: Matteo Guidicelli admits he likes being prepared when it comes to relationships

Matteo Guidicelli talks about balancing his new music career and doing sports.


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11/22/2015 9:14 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Matteo Guidicelli admits he likes being prepared when it comes to relationships

112215-matteo_up.jpgAll set to hold his first major solo concert MG1 at the end of the month, Matteo Guidicelli said he does not feel he is in a position to give advice to other aspiring singers. “I’m just starting so it’s really nerve-wracking for me every single thing, every single show, every single guesting, but I just keep in mind that I’m enjoying what I’m doing and this is my original stuff so I really want to share it with everybody,” he told Push.com.ph.

When asked how he manages to get over being nervous and getting stage fright when performing, the 25-year-old actor said he just wants to focus on showing his best. "I’m not over it yet (laughs). Every time I’m on stage I feel the same way all the time. It’s just that I try to try to keep in mind just to enjoy it and this is my original thing so I’m going to try and show my originality out there,” he admits.

As a top triathlete as well as a performer, Matteo said he tries to have the same approach and be disciplined in whatever field he gets into. "It’s basically the same thing. It’s just practice makes perfect din. You just keep practicing. There’s no such thing as perfection because each and every one of us have our own originality and our own style. Even in sports, we have our own style of running, we have our own style of swimming. Everyone has their own originality so the more you do it, the more you get comfortable doing it so I guess practice makes perfect. I guess everything comes with preparation. You can’t go on stage and you can’t go on a race without being prepared kasi kung half-baked ka pupunta ka sa isang event or something, talagang alam mo it’s not going to turn out well. So you really have to put your heart and your body and soul into something that you want to do so you have to always completely prepare,” he explained.

Even when it comes to relationships, the MG1 performer makes sure to look before he leaps. "Of course. But you really can’t prepare for a relationship, can you? You can try but like Justin Bieber said, ‘What do you mean?’ Di ba? (laughs). So you always ask a girl, ‘What do you mean?’ because you don’t really know where they’re coming from, from time to time,” he admitted.

As his one-night only concert draws near, Matteo admitted he feels the love and support even from his friends in the triathlon community. "They’re all going to watch and their very supportive of it and they keep texting me and they keep promoting me to help spread the word,” he shared. For this year, he said he has hung up his bike already and will focus on showbiz only. "The next race is next year already. Wala na akong karera ngayon. My teammates raced in Bohol recently pero ako next year na,” he added.

Watch Matteo Guidicelli in MG1 at the Music Museum on November 28 at 8 pm with special guests Martin Nievera and Morissette Amon.