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Regine Velasquez comments about her singing voice's 'return'

Regine Velasquez maintains that her voice hasn't actually gone anywhere.


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11/22/2015 1:46 AM
Regine Velasquez comments about her singing voice's 'return'

112115-regine_PUSH.jpgWhile she has earned a lot of praise for her four-part series concert Regine at The Theater, the general consensus from those who went to see the first two shows was that Regine Velasquez is "finally back."

This comment is a loose reference to the supposed "return" of the Asia's Songbird's "original" and powerful singing voice which was heard at the first two shows of Regine at The Theater at Solaire Resorts and Casino last November 6 and 7. The last two shows would happen on November 20 and 21.

"Actually hindi naman siya nawala, nandiyan lang naman siya," started Regine in a recent interview.

She continued, "Natatawa ako kapag sinasabi nila na bumabalik eh kasi hindi naman siya nawawala, it's just that I had a difficult time singing because I had a condition."

Although it's not really a major health concern, Regine says her existing acid reflux has caused her to struggle whenever she's singing.

"Siyempre age is also a big factor. I will never ever sing or I will never ever sound the same way like 10 years ago. That will never happen," she explained, adding that losing more weight is also another struggle that she's experiencing.

Despite the difference in her voice's quality, Regine remained grateful that she's able to perform despite the aforementioned factors.

But what does she have to say about those who continue to assert that she's back?

"Siguro nga sa perspective nila. Pero sa akin, I'm still struggling. Kasi dati talaga binubuka ko lang ang bibig ko tapos walang effort. And I actually don't like singing na may effort, ina-acting ko lang ang effort eh," she said.

Regine presumed that people think that way because she hasn't had a solo concert for a while now and that Regine at The Theater is her first major solo concert since giving birth to her son Nate four years ago.

Speaking of concerts, Regine also revealed that she would once again be doing a concert in February next year which would somehow be similar to her Ultimate concert early this year together with Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera, and Lani Misalucha.

"Maganda 'yung combination, apat pa rin kami. You will be surprised, it's very exciting," she said after being declining to answer who her co-performers would be.